Four New Shops Opening Underground at Columbus Circle

The Turnstyle shopping area.

The Turnstyle underground mall adjacent to the Columbus Circle subway station is getting some new businesses, including places to eat and shop for fashion.

Check out the list below:

Harkiss Designs, which is opening a kiosk in the center of the corridor, exports lifestyle, kitchenware and fashion accessories hand-crafted by small, women-owned businesses based in East Africa. Curated by Harriet Zaffoni, products include such unique items as salad and spice bowls made from cow horns, brass, horn-bead jewelry, and wooden bowls, spoons and other utensils.

2Dutcheese will launch its first brick-and-mortar kiosk at Turnstyle. Developed by two culinary entrepreneurs from Rotterdam and Amsterdam, 2Dutcheese was introduced as a digital brand with a wide variety of gouda cheese imported directly from the Netherlands. With several selections available only at Turnstyle, some of the more unusual cheeses will include coconut gouda, white truffle gouda, whiskey gouda, and mushroom and chestnut gouda, in addition to such beloved standards as aged gouda and smoked gouda. Adding a full service experience, 2Dutcheese is also selling cheese knives, graters, cheese boards and fruit toppings from Holland. 

Kuru Accessories, a fashion brand featuring custom-designed jewelry composed of Italian leather and one-of-a-kind apparel from Parisian-based designers, will also debut at Turnstyle in February. It will be the first brick-and-mortar unit for partners Saskia Dunn, designer, and Agnes Kanga, buyer, who will open at PopStart, the shop-within-a-shop retail incubator on the north side of the Turnstyle corridor.

Also opening in PopStart is Tissi. a brand that was born in the beautiful country of Georgia, where silver and gold craftsmanship are valued and practiced on an elevated level.  A three-generation family tradition, current owner Ketevan Gogishvili began apprenticing in his grandfather’s cellar workshop as a child, or as he points out, “At the age of 11, I was already working on enamel and silver mosaics but in my heart, I knew that simple and clean lines were my passion. As I always took a minimalist approach to my designs Tissi became the reflation of my imagination.”

All four shops and kiosks are opening within the first two weeks of February 2020.

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    1. Leon says:

      I walk through Turnstyles most days and despite the crowds sometimes making it hard to walk, I love the vibrancy of it. These sound like more good additions.

      There are now constantly people soliciting for charities at the north end of Turnstyles, next to the subway entrance. I have yet to stop to see what they want, but they are there every day, and it is getting really obnoxious.

      • dc says:

        I, too, walk through often and like the vibrancy. And, yes, the soliciting near the turnstiles is pretty much non stop. I hate to be gruff, but am finding myself being just that.

      • Kevin says:

        Yes they are indeed obnoxious but only 1/5 as obnoxious as the rank food odor throughout the entire corridor. I can barely get from one end to the other without collapsing from lack of breathable oxygen.

    2. SofiaG says:

      Yeah, it’s great to keep an eye out on that vibrancy.