Longing for Snow? The City Made Some in Central Park and Will Be Grooming It on Friday

Via NYC Parks.

Winter Jam, an annual winter sports event in Central Park, is coming back this Saturday, and the city brought out all the big guns for it. Specifically, the city is using snowmaking guns to spray the wet stuff all over the fields in Rumsey Playfield, the concert venue around 70th Street toward the east side of the park.

On Friday morning, the Parks Department will be grooming the snow, and doing a snowshoe demonstration. It will almost be like we had a real winter.

The event, which is free, will include events like snowshoeing, flag football, sledding, and… ice bowling? What are we, Canadians?

See the full event list here.


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    1. KSR says:

      It’s supposed to be 45 degrees on Saturday. Won’t the snow melt? I recall that about 20 or so years ago that a similar yearly snow event in Central Park was cancelled due to warm weather.

      However, the snow-related events at that time (don’t think it was called Snow Jam then) were definitely more limited than what is planned for Saturday.

    2. Ken says:

      The reason we don’t have a real winter is because we insist on continuing to spew carbon into the atmosphere unnecessarily, in myriad different ways. How were the snowmaking guns powered?

    3. chuck d says:

      We’ve tried to go to this several times. One year, it was cancelled because there was too much snow!

      Last year we went. It was pitiful. All of the good events were sold out before the thing even got started. All the little kid stuff is beyond boring. Street fairs do a better job.