Mayor Pete Has Taken in More Large Donations from Upper West Side Donors Than Any Other Candidate — By Far

Upper West Siders are opening their wallets in a big way for Pete Buttigieg, the former mayor of South Bend, Indiana and a top contender for the Democratic presidential nomination.

Data from shows that Mayor Pete has received the most money in each of the four zip codes on the Upper West Side — 10023, 10024, 10025 and 10069. In total he’s raised about $700,000 on the Upper West Side, about 1% of the $76 million he raised in 2019. The data tracks all donations over $200 (that means candidates like Bernie Sanders who take in more small donations might not show up as high on the list).

Buttigieg did particularly well in 10023 (whose northern boundary is between 76th and 77th Street) pulling in $281,960. He brought in $232,164 and $146,298 from people in 10024 and 10025 respectively.

In 10069, which encompasses the Riverside Boulevard area next to the Hudson River below 72nd Street, he pulled in $28,066. Many buildings in that area were once branded as Trump Place until residents demanded the president’s name be removed.

Buttigieg has held fundraisers in the neighborhood, even drawing protests at one last month — “protesters began banging pots and pans outside the residence and shouting ‘Wall Street Pete!'”

The Upper West Side remains a reliably Democratic area. But despite the neighborhood’s liberal reputation, it’s arguably not one of the most left-wing parts of the city anymore. In 2016, locals voted overwhelmingly for Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders. Buttigieg is considered one of the more moderate candidates in the race.

The number two candidates in each zip code were as follows:

10023: Kamala Harris

10024: Kamala Harris

10025: Elizabeth Warren

10069: Kamala Harris

Clarification: This article did not initially note that was tracking only donations of $200 or above.

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    1. LKLA says:

      That is likely the case because any half way intelligent person knows that much of what Warren and Sanders are proposing is unrealistic and/or largely harmful.

      Btw, money is as important, if not more so, than votes. No money = no votes. Money first, votes second.

      • LorenzoStDuBois says:

        This is the case because it’s one of the richest zipcodes in the country, and such places can be counted on to vote for killing the planet their children will inherit if it saves them a bit on taxes.

        • Leon says:

          So if one of the moderates wins the nomination, will you vote for them or Trump? Because for all of people’s complaints about them, they are a million times better than Trump, and if you don’t support them, you will have blood on your hands for the apocolypse this country will become in the next four years under Trump.

          I support Klobuchar first, Bloomberg second but promise you I would vote for Bernie, Warren or a cocker spaniel over Trump, so I don’t feel the need to bad mouth any of the Democratic candidates…

          • UWSHebrew says:

            Wasn’t the apocalypse supposed to happen in his first term? #TRUMP2020

          • Matty Roses says:

            If that’s your concern, that left wingers won’t show up to vote for a centrist, then you should vote for a leftist candidate. After all, all that matters is defeating Trump, right?

        • EricaC says:

          How is Buttegieg more likely to kill the planet than Warren or Sanders?

      • Will says:

        Bernie Sanders has raised more money and has more donors than any candidate in the race.

        • LKLA says:

          Interesting because as far as he is concerned everyone lives in poverty and can not afford, healthcare, education, housing…Maybe they should spend less on political donations!

          Or is Sanders taking money from the rich and powerful?

          Can’t have it both ways folks!

          • Matty Roses says:

            Yes, how DARE the poor give a candidate talking about their material well-being $27! Anyone who isn’t literally starving isn’t poor!

            • LKLA says:

              Talking indeed!

              Because if we look at what he has actually done, in his home state of Vermont, we might as well pack up and move to Canada.

    2. Scott says:

      A true deep stater rolling in dough from the neolibs. Huge shock.

    3. Chris Jevas says:

      Pete2020. Resident 10024.

    4. jerry says:

      Ridiculous…this guy couldn’t even run a second rate Ohio city.

    5. JuanP says:

      Pete has no shot. I didn’t vote Trump in 2016 but I certainly will in 2020. Black and Hispanic voters are aren’t buying the decades of lies from Democrats anymore. Record employment and wages for minorities under Trump. Libs can’t stand to see Trump suceed.
      They want to keep minorities and the poor down so they depend on them.

    6. UWSConservative says:

      All and all, he is reasonably above the other dimwits in the liberal circus, so makes sense . On the other hand, Trump will crush anyone in November…sorry libs…you have five more years of screaming at the sky, so prepare your lungs…and then get ready for Ivanka 2024

    7. UltraModerate says:

      Good for him! It’s nice to know that at least SOME of the Democrats this time are serious about winning.

    8. 10023/10024 says:

      GO PETE 2020/2024

    9. Adam Jay says:

      Reading comments on this site often make me embarrassed to be an Upper West Sider. You all should listen to yourselves more.

    10. John says:

      Pete is about as a good Mayor as the one we have. His town is in shambles. Are these same people buying shares in the Brooklyn Bridge?

    11. Ethan says:

      No surprise of course that the UWS likes Buttigieg. They’re made for each other. But realistically, the mayor doesn’t have any chance of becoming the nomineee, and certainly none of capturing the electoral college. Vote Amy Klobuchar!

    12. Bflat says:

      Not from me – Mayor Pete’s employment by Rand is a deal breaker for me.