A New Market Coming to Broadway Changes Its Too-Familiar Name

Last summer, signs for a new market were posted on the windows of 2755 Broadway at 106th Street, where a KFC had closed earlier in the year. It was called West Side Famous Market (see photo below), which sounded quite a bit like the citywide supermarket chain West Side Market.

In fact, it was so familiar, that West Side Market Chief Operating Officer Ian Joskowitz told us “Under no circumstances are we going to allow anyone to use our name to confuse people into thinking that their business is part of our family of markets.”

And it looks like he was right. This week, a tipster named Lindsay sent us the photo above showing that the market will now be called “Six Corners Marketplace.”

A permit taken out last year indicated they’re adding a deli/grocery counter. But clearly their previous expected opening date of fall 2019 has come and gone.

The Six Corners name may have to do with the unique street design on 106th, where West End and Broadway start to come together at Straus Park.

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    1. Ruby in Manhattan says:

      Famous, Original West Side Ray’s Market coming next?

    2. Maya says:

      Mr. Joshowitz,
      Please consider opening a grocery store or market that will sell meat and fish on 86th Street and Broadway where Gristedes used to be. You can also have the additional space where the Gap was above it. This neighborhood really needs it! You will do well here!

    3. Mark Gabor says:

      As of yesterday, workers there said the place will be open “in a week or two.”

    4. Cj berk says:

      Mr.Joshowitz: When you closed Westside Mkt.on
      W.76th St.you created a hardship for our seniors as well as a real lack of good food in the neighborhood. We have no supermarket here as you know. Fairway W.76 hopefully will go out of business and disappear. They are dirtier than ever and the prepared food is inedible. They fail on every level and their employees are the rudest, most unprofessional
      And hostile group we’ve ever encountered. How about considering a move to the 70’s??? Citarella has lackluster food and is fairly useless. Bad recipes etc etc. We know you have opened many east side locations…so please consider coming back to the neighborhood that gave you your start. Thanks.

      • Sean says:

        Fairway is not dirty. But you hate right the prepared food is terrible. Citarella is absolutely fine. I think you are making some unfounded complaints. Westside Market closed because the hotel no longer wanted to lease the space to him.

      • lynn says:

        I’m not a fan of Fairway but I think the food at Citeralla is always fresh and healthy, even though it would be nice if they changed it up a little and added a few items that they carry in the Hamptons. It would be great to get a sandwich or a burger on occasion.

        • Sean says:

          Citarella used to be expensive now every other market has caught up with them. It’s for executives in a hurry. Fairway is the West 70s in all it’s glory.

      • dh says:

        You’re right, Fairway is dirty, their prepared foods are indeed inedible, and the produce at Trader Joe’s is far superior and less pricey. But Citarella is great,wonderful fish, roasted turkey, some divine desserts, great beet salad, a few good soups, and the best Honeycrisp apples I’ve ever eaten.

        • Sean says:

          Fairway is not dirty. The prepared foods are not made on site. It’s been that way since they closed the ground floor kitchen. The deli stuff is tasteless.

        • Mark Moore says:

          I know it’s a shlep but uptown Fairway is much nicer and less crowded than the one on 74th Street. And if you have a car, it’s heavenly.

    5. mh says:

      This neighborhood is in dire need of a regular supermarket/grocery store! Losing West Side Market was terrible. I go to Fairway because there are almost no alternatives (including Trader Joe’s, which only carries their own brands). Love Citarella but again, it is not a supermarket.Same for my beloved Zabars
      And more empty storefronts every day! In part I blame Amazon and other on-line “supermarkets”–some of us want to SEE and examine what we’re buying,interact with actual (not virtual) human beings. Is there any modern force more isolating than the internet?

      • Sean says:

        Walk over to Pioneer and relive the 1950s. Take a bus uptown to a Westside Market.

        • Julia says:

          Or Key Food at 97th and Amsterdam–the only place where my bill is less than I expect. Great for basics.

          • Anthony says:

            there’s also a key food on Amsterdam between 85-86. someo f the aisles are anarrow but they recently did a refurb at least on teh flooring and it looks a lot better.

    6. Sean says:

      Fairway on W75 is too cold inside. Does the store have any heat?

      • Mary says:

        I’ve read elsewhere that Fairway is also facing new financial troubles, and that even the future of their flagship store at 75th is less-than-assured, so it looks as though the grocery stores situation in the neighborhood will continue to be in flux.
        I shop at Westside when I need to and appreciate having it as an option, but it’s not that great. I find that the food is often expired (I’ve learned my lesson and check the sell-by dates diligently now) and their merchandise is overpriced. I’m stunned when I see people buying things like toilet paper there, where it’s twice as much as at Duane Reade. I think the neighborhood could do with a new player. Anyone know any contacts at Wegmans??

        • Sean says:

          Fairway is a chain. The hedge fund owners have decided to sell the brand. The W74th St build is not owned by Fairway. It’s rent is 663K a year. That lease is up so the rent will go up. Fairway owned the building next to Citarella.

        • B.B. says:

          We’ve been through this; Wegmans doesn’t do “small” inner city stores. That large new place out at Brooklyn Navy Yard is about standard size more or less.

          Average size for Wegmans stores run 75,000-140,000 square feet on average. You just aren’t going to find retail space that large on UWS, or elsewhere in Manhattan for that matter. Maybe the more suburban parts of Staten Island, Queens or Brooklyn (hence again that new store at Navy Yard), but wouldn’t get hopes up for a Wegmans on UWS.

          For one thing a store that size is not possible since Ms. Brewer and city council effectively banned super sized stores on UES and much of Manhattan. Their target was Walmart, but never the less effect has been same across retail.

          • B.B. says:

            Sorry for typo; Gale Brewer et al banned super sized stores on UWS.

            Carry on….

          • The zoning has to be changed to create large supermarkets in Manhattan. The local businesses would object due to the competition it would create. Whole Foods on 97th Street is supposed to be 56000SF. The Fine Faire at 130 Lenox (116 Street) is probably just as large on one level. A Super Walmart in the suburbs might have a 100000SF supermarket in it. Target, Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods and West Side Market are non union and are allowed in NYC. Large stores make a lot of sense when you have a large population to feed. Amazon and Fresh Direct are popular because there is nothing nearby to shop. NYC elected officials are as much to blame for the shape of the UWS as Amazon, cell phones and the Internet.

        • Tostonesfix says:

          Wegman’s open a store in Brooklyn recently. That’s the only plan for a NYC location for now according to my source.

    7. MAD says:

      I see a lot of comments here about how great West Side Market was. But every time I went in, it smelled funny and a lot of the items were past their freshness dates. Checkout lines were cramped. Some items were overpriced. Not my favorite store. As for Trader Joe’s, their fruits and veg always look grey and old to me — like Aldi offerings in their large barns of stores. Same company.

    8. Lunabee says:

      Fairway is done. I have tried to stay positive and have been burned several times. Expired salmon filets, I inedible chicken parm, bread that goes stale on the way home, fruit that perishes overnight. The personnel in the stores are too busy fulfilling online orders to offer help to customers on site.
      It seems that one has to make the rounds to various stores to obtain reasonable quality. Trader Joe’s has good frozen choices and the happiest, most helpful staff. Whole Foods has great produce. West Side Market salad bar and muffins. Forget their prepared food, salty. I order some things from Fresh Direct. I take the occasional trip with a friend with a Costco card to buy staples,.
      It is a maze of markets out there, each with their own strengths. Unfortunately Fairway has gone down the tubes. West Side market may be right behind them.

      • Sean says:

        It’s like no other market. The chicken Parmesan is awful. At least the new furniture is nice and that the fruit bins no longer reach up to the sky. All the deli items are salty. And the customers remain some of the rudest people on the planet. This includes the European tourists. There is still too much product in too small a space.

    9. Not a fan says:

      I don’t understand the love for West Side Market. The one I sometimes go to on 110th has a confusing layout, terrible meat selection, rude cashiers, and everything is 2x what I would expect to pay.

      • Sue says:

        I think that the one on 77th (RIP) was easier to navigate. It was still probably a fire hazard – but I miss it every day.

    10. wombatNYC says:

      Bring back La Rosita to this corner on 106th. I miss it so much

    11. erica bessette says:

      I find that Key Food has great weekly specials. Their deli items are half the price of Fairway. I love the fruit mam on 86th btwn amsterdam and broadway. Trader Joe for some items. I do not buy prepared foods, cooking is a great passion and easier than most people think!

    12. UpsideDown says:

      The last time I was faithful about a grocery store was the old Westside Market @ 110 when the current owners’s father managed it. It was small, but focused on what was important, and decently priced. When his son took over and opened the current behemoth in its place, … I was surprised by the long aisle filled with hundreds of kinds of yogurt (or so it seemed,) none of which were organic or goat sourced. Then, to have such a huge store of excess variety and no meat counter? It’s a store of shameful, shallow, overpriced excess and too-narrow aisles. Most of their self-made foods have sugar in them, even where sugar doesn’t belong. In fact, there’s not one grocery store that can serve all needs, anymore. Like others have mentioned, I parse grocery shopping from Costco to Trader Joe’s to online, filling in fresh with tiny fruit & vegetable shops. In an egg emergency, I’ve learned to never buy from Westside Market, preferring, instead the corner bodega that’s no longer a bodega. I may have to pay a convenience price, but the quality is fresh, fresh, fresh. IOW: Things in this world are turning upside down and it shows even in the changing values of our food stores.