New Sushi Spot Set to Open on 80th Street

Via Sushi Ishikawa.

A new sushi restaurant that’s gotten good reviews on the Upper East Side is opening a location at 207 West 80th Street. Sushi Ishikawa, run by Vietnamese-born chef Don Pham, serves fixed-price omakase meals. Michelin called it “a profoundly solid and wallet-friendly omakase each night.”

A 15-course meal at the UWS spot will be $125, while a 16-course meal is $155, Grubstreet reports.

“Expect dishes like lobster shiso, grilled lobster with lobster miso and ikura shiso leaf tempura, and Hokkaido sea scallop with cod fish milt tempura and uni, and uni miso sauce. Dinner is definitely not cheap, but it’s a much more affordable option than, say, Masa down at Columbus Circle,” says Grubstreet.

It plans to open on January 15.

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    1. Jeff says:

      I know this is way beyond what most people (including yours truly) can afford but the similarly expensive Sushi Kaito on West 72nd is almost always crowded, and the UWS has largely been left out of Manhattan’s high-end omakase boom, so this’ll likely do well.

    2. Drew says:

      Sounds good!

    3. George says:

      Speaking to the “wallet-friendly” quote from Michelin, I do want to note that Sushi Ishikawa also has a 12 course omakase meal for $85 — which is relatively reasonable for some of the city’s best sushi.

      It’s also an inspired location for a restaurant. It’s a lower level space, and doesn’t have a ton of street visibility, but is surprisingly large and also has a backyard. If it’s where I’m thinking, it’ll be way larger than Sushi Ishikawa’s original UES spot.

    4. Ethan says:

      Named for Travis Ishikawa, no doubt!

    5. UWS Dad says:

      This is AMAZING news! Don Pham’s been on UWS before, at the sadly departed Geisha Table in the Serafina spot in the 70s. If it’s anything like as good as that or the East Side Ishikawa, this will be the best restaurant on UWS.