Still Digesting That Christmas Meal? Fairway Has Moved On…To Valentines Day

The Christmas ham is still warm and the Hannukah candles will burn for three more nights, but Fairway has already moved on — to mid-February.

Valentine’s candy, including Peeps galore, is well stocked at the 74th Street store. Can we get a day or two between holidays, or is this just how things work now?

Thanks to Joeanna Sayler for the photo.

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    1. Marianne Ayer says:

      They had it up before Christmas:(

    2. Sean says:

      It’s like no other market.

    3. Leon says:

      Once Valentine’s Day is over they will have to very quickly transition to Leap Day paraphernalia!

    4. Marci says:

      I love my holidays, but when they push the merchandise to this degree, it’s a major turn off. I’m still trying to decide what meal to serve for New Year’s Day!

    5. Al Scrooge says:

      The only way to stop such gross commercialism is to not buy the products–not now and not in February. Don’t buy Xmas merchandise before Thanksgiving or even after Thanksgiving. Humbug indeed!

    6. Paul on W 67th says:

      When I mentioned this to a friend from Galveston, she told me that one store down there already had an Easter section set up. Easter is April 12, 2020, nearly four months away!