Hawk Keeps Coming Back to the Same Central Park West Porch

A hawk keeps coming back to Jennifer Johnston Stern’s porch on 97th Street and Central Park West, just casually hanging out on the wooden railing and surveying the scene. On Thanksgiving, the hawk stayed for three and half hours, surveying the ground underneath. This week, it stayed for half an hour. “He/she is magnificent,” she wrote.

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    1. ST says:

      Wow. How lucky.

    2. lynn says:

      Beautiful photos of the hawk and the view! She must feel at home there.

    3. Christine says:

      How cool is that!? I’d hang around for that gorgeous view, too! Smart hawk. 🙂

      Over here on Riverside, we almost ALWAYS see hawks perching in Riverside Park daily when we walk our pup. Love it!

    4. Amy says:

      Stunning. Thanks for sharing this.

    5. PattyB2020 says:

      Thank you for sharing! Just beautiful!

    6. NEF says:

      Amazing! I have been watching the hawk for some time from
      my W.96th kitchen window. At first I thought it was an ornament because it hardly moves and stays for long chunks
      of time. I am soooOOOOooo envious. Wonderful to see it
      up close as per the article. Thanks!

    7. Annie O’Neill says:

      I think the hawk is protecting the little bird in the ironworks!!!

    8. Dallas Winter says:

      Wow! How lucky to have this beauty on your porch 😍

    9. m.pipik says:

      Last year there was a pair nesting on an air conditioner at 350 CPW (near this location.) May weather was awful and the nest failed and the female died in June

      See this link https://urbanhawks.blogs.com/urban_hawks/2019/06/index.html.

      This might be the surviving male checking out his turf and waiting for a unattached female to fly by (they do even now). Cue Most Happy Fella’s “Standing on the Corner”

      There have been problems with that site before. I hope he finds a better place for a nest.

      • M. Andres says:

        The surviving male, George is well and hangs out between 96th street and the pool all by CPW. This is not him. This looks like Annie, the new female.

    10. Luxy1 says:

      Looks like it has a red tail

    11. Andrea Lois Becker says:

      What a pleasure to see! Thank you for sharing this with us at this dismal time in our nation’s history. It has lifted my spirits.

      • Jean Mensing says:

        We need every amazing sight possible in this time of our history. Reminds us that life goes on though with ups and serious downs. Thank you for posting this

    12. Lauren Fessenden says:

      Delightful pix.. and am glad he’s planning a future “in the hood”, perhaps?! Many thx for sharing. We have resident cardinal and blue couples who reside on the back porch of the brownstone garden on West 81st St.!

    13. mark futral says:

      Look at the view, I’d come back there often.

    14. Julie Bodnar says:

      My beloved New York looks so beautiful
      I have been in Los Angeles for 10 years now, and I really miss it.
      This hawk is just a dyed in the wool New Yorker and has great taste in good real estate, not to speak of the great views.. Lol

    15. Filatura says:

      What a superb bird (and what a glorious view). Your corner railing is a perfect perch for this beautiful raptor to scout for potential prey.

    16. Martin S says:

      Nothing casual about it, all you rats down there in the park beware!

    17. Ruth says:

      I saw that hawk perched on the water tower at 7 West 96th st, across the street from my apartment, yesterday, Christmas morning. It stayed there for a long time. It was absolutely magnificent!

    18. tie says:

      way cool wow

    19. Lisa400 says:

      Hawk cam, please.

    20. Your Mother says:

      It’s not a porch, it’s a terrace. Dictionary.com

    21. gypsy says:

      They say when hawks perch for a few hours,
      they are digesting the the most recent pigeon📚

    22. Susan says:

      I was walking my dog in Teddy Roosevelt Park and noticed there were no birds chirping; no squirrels running around; no activity at all. And then I noticed a hawk perched on a tree branch by the path that dead-ends at the construction zone. Wonder if it was the same hawk. It finally gave up and flew off looking for better hunting grounds.

    23. Angela says:

      Ever so beautiful! You are fortunate indeed. Thank you for sharing.

    24. Carlin Meyer says:

      He IS magnificent. So envious!

    25. Carol M. says:

      Beautiful photos…thanks for sharing.
      Makes me wish I had a terrace on CPW!

    26. Ellen says:

      Lucky you!

    27. M. Andres says:

      This appears to be the new female of the 96th st CPW pair. The male, George, has some gray in his white throat patch. Her’s (Annie) has almost no gray. This looks like her. Fingers crossed that they are successful at nesting this spring. Thanks for sharing.

    28. What a magnificent bird!