Trump Blames Impeachment Vote On Jerry Nadler’s Fear of ‘Socialist’ Primary Challenger (Who Is Not a Socialist)

Donald Trump, Lindsey Boylan and Jerry Nadler.

President Donald Trump sent a letter to Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Tuesday decrying the impeachment inquiry and urging her not to move forward. In that letter, he included a reference to local politics — in particular, to the fear that some Democrats have of having to face “socialist ” opponents. He specifically mentioned Rep. Jerry Nadler, whose district includes the Upper West Side. See the excerpt below and the full letter here.

Nadler is facing a primary challenge next year from Democrat Lindsey Boylan, a former economic development official in the Cuomo administration who pushed early on for Democrats to move forward with impeachment. In a letter to supporters headlined “Looks Like I Scared Trump”, Boylan writes that “As most of you know, I am a progressive Democratic candidate, not a socialist, who knows impeachment is not about partisanship — it is our constitutional duty.”

While it wasn’t clear earlier in the year (prior to the Ukraine whistleblower’s letter) if Nadler would push for impeachment, he has since been a key figure in the impeachment inquiry, leading the Judiciary Committee’s efforts to draft and vote on articles of impeachment. The articles will likely be voted on in the House on Wednesday night (Update — Trump was impeached). In a letter to constituents, he explained why he supports impeachment.

“Overwhelming evidence shows that President Donald Trump put his own interest, his personal political needs and selfish wants, before the country he swore an oath to defend. President Trump risked our national security, jeopardized the fairness and honesty of our next election, and worked to conceal the truth from Congress in violation of his responsibility to the American people.

Photos via White House flickr, Lindsey Boylan for Congress and Carol Tannenhauser (Nadler photo).

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    1. Ben David says:

      We are so lucky to have Jerry Nadler represent us in Washington. True, he could be advocating for more money to improve safety in our parks by installing more and better lighting + security cameras … true, he could be lobbying for funding from homeland security in our neighborhood as his colleagues do. But he just does not have time because he MUST impeach the President … which I’m sure will make the UWS a safer place to live.

    2. Mark Moore says:

      Here’s a great example of the media playing into Trump’s hands. The headline should not repeat his lies, it should say “Trump Lies Again About Jerry Nadler and His Primary Opponent.”

      Now no matter what you put in parentheses, you’ve helped Trump label Boylan as a Socialist.

    3. Sherman says:

      I can’t stand Trump but he will survive this impeachment nonsense.

      Trump will then (rightly) claim that liberals and Democrats tried everything to get rid of him but failed.

      This will only make Trump stronger in the presidential election and it will make Nadler look like a loser and failure.

      I wish Nadler would do something more productive with his time and taxpayer money.

      • jerry carroll says:

        I agree and the Rag should not get involved in national politics – keep it local,,,and by the way…the latest nation polls show Bernie Sanders (socalist) at the head of the field.

      • Jen says:

        I have to agree with you

      • UWS Newbie says:

        The West Side Rag should stay out of politics! This should be a safe place to hear good/bad/goofy things about our neighborhood.

        Isn’t everyone sick of this!!! If anyone listened yesterday … they are ALL BLOOMING IDIOTS .. who have done absolutely nothing for the last 3 years but fight about Trump. So much easier than working for the people.

    4. LK says:

      Boylan writes that “As most of you know, I am a progressive Democratic candidate, not a socialist”.

      Honestly, I can’t blame Trump in this case. I have no idea what the difference is between a progressive Democratic candidate and a socialist. The face of progressive (Democratic) movement is AOC, who is a member of Democratic Socialists of America. So if I were Boylan, and I would want to differentiate myself from socialists, I would not put progressive anywhere in the sentence describing my views.

    5. EGFIII says:

      And then he got re-elected by the American people. What a time to be alive!

    6. Tim says:

      TDS is a real thing, sadly. I cringe to think of what congress will do next year when President Trump is legally re-elected.

    7. Jan says:

      It is invigorating to read actual positive remarks by UWSers regarding the present administration.
      Yes, TDS is definitely real. And the Impeachment call started the very day the President took the oath of office, by Maxine Waters, before any so-called Quid Pro Quo/
      Bribery/obstruction or phone call took place.
      The Impeachment was payback for winning the Oval Office, and denying the Savior of the Left her “rightful” seat.
      Now, if the people who feel that things are going in the right direction will vote to put someone decent in Gracie Mansion, instead of the useless, “regressive” (back to the days where we were stepping on crack vials, heroin overdoses on the street, homeless verbally accosting people as we go about our daily business, days of Dinkins) the UWS will finally start to be the neighborhood we all wish for and deserve.