Openings & Closings: The Great Burrito, Big Frog, Goldenlight Visions, Verizon

The Great Burrito at 409 Amsterdam Avenue near 79th Street is closing and hopes to move to a new location, several readers told us. A note on the window says they’ve been around 25 years. “They are taking email addresses to notify people if they can find a new address to relocate to — but they don’t sound too hopeful,” one reader wrote. “The owner blamed high rent costs for the move,” wrote Skip, another tipster. “She said they did not yet have a new location picked out.” Thanks to Skip, M and Mars for the tips.

Big Frog Custom T-Shirts & More is opening at 2244 Broadway (80th-81st) on December 18th . The garment decorating retail store is owned and operated by Upper West Side resident Kerry Colley, who spent more than 20 years in banking before starting the company. “Diving into entrepreneurship head-first, Colley and his husband Joshua Drumm hope that Big Frog will provide their neighbors with the opportunity to use garment design as an avenue for creativity and expression, as well as support other businesses in building and promoting their brands.” Here’s the website.

Goldenlight Visions a new professional photo printing, graphics and frame store at 2543 Broadway, between 95th and 96th street is holding a grand opening on Saturday. “Our celebration on Saturday will feature light hors d’oeuvres and beverages, plus specials and featured prizes with a grand prize worth $300. We would like to invite everyone to come by and discover all we have to offer.”

Verizon will be moving from 2061 Broadway to 2043 Broadway (the former home of Subway at 71st), according to tipster “Upper West Sider”.

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    1. Chris says:

      This is a tragedy. The Great Burrito has the best guacamole on the UWS, hands down.

    2. 100%ThatB says:

      Good riddances to that empty space filled with squatters at 2043 Broadway. Wish it was something better than Verizon, but that whole block has had at least one empty store for some time.

    3. Albert says:

      That’s a shame about Great Burrito. Good food, good prices.

    4. Mr.Alarm says:

      The Great Burrito – I really hope they can re-open soon. Sad how many good, small businesses have to succumb to moving or going out of business, due to unappreciative landlords. So they’ll get more money for this small space from a cell phone outlet? Do any of these landlords consider that, if they would consider what’s good for their neighbors they may actually be helping themselves too? Maybe not monetarily, but it would be great if they even consider what the NEIGHBORS need, above their own.

      • 2nd-Storyman says:

        Re: “Do any of these landlords consider that, if they would consider what’s good for their neighbors they may actually be helping themselves too? Maybe not monetarily,….”

        Vinny-the-Banker: “Yo, Landlord-guy, you’re t’ree months behind on your loan re-payment! Do I gotta send my “enforcement guys” over?”

        Landlord: I’m a little short of cash, BUT I’m a really nice man, I really do good for my neighbors, and I’m dripping with self-esteem!”

        Vinny-the-Banker: “You’ll be dripping blood if ya don’t pay up…today!. Big Al will be stopping by to collect!

        (No stereotypes have been harmed in this story)

    5. Mr.Alarm says:

      Also, there doesn’t appear to be an email “bellow” for us to send our them to update us, on the sign posted.

    6. Wijmlet says:

      The Great Burrito has wonderful food and people. I hope they find a place. How to send my email?

    7. Rob says:

      If they don’t reopen, the Great Burrito will be sorely missed and having patronized this very authentic Mexican hole-in-the-wall restaurant since it opened in the mid 90s, we can only hope it finds a new location in the 10024 or 10025 zip codes. But I’d order from them wherever they are and even support a “fund me” page. Hope they have my email address!

    8. DN says:

      I knew Tacombi would drive the Great Burrito out. Honestly GB was too expensive for just OK food and not very friendly service.

      • Cato says:

        The food at Great Burrito is — was — reliably good, always fresh, and always quickly delivered. And, as someone has already said, far and away the best guacamole to be had, certainly for delivery.

        I don’t go to a restaurant, let alone order from one for delivery, for “friendliness”. I have friends for that.

        We are among those who will really, really miss this great local business. I hope you enjoy Tacombi (at least before its pan finishes flashing).

        • DN says:

          Here is the thing with that place. It was one of my regular places for a while so I would call ahead on my walk home and order, then walk in and pic it up. I did this like 60 times over 2 years. And every time I walked in they would just give me a blank stare and say” can I help you?”.
          I’m not looking to be treated like a rock star but they could have at least managed a “hey, how are you doing today?” for a very regular customer. Some tiny acknowledgment that they at least had seem me before. Sorry Tocombi is just way better, better prices, and a friendlier staff.

      • Sean says:

        And too much salt to boot.

    9. Steven Barall says:

      The Great Burrito is a great place. They have great Tortilla Soup.

    10. Ulrike Klopfer says:

      What is happening with the Lowe’s store?

    11. Roger Bilco says:

      The Great Burrito was amazing. Must have ordered their enchiladas at least 50 times over the past 5 years. Just really good solid Mexican. Really hope they can reopen!

    12. Juan says:

      When in doubt, I prefer to support local businesses but The Great Burrito’s prices were 50% higher than Chipotle and I don’t think the food was 50% better.

      I like Moe’s burritos and would like to see one come to the UWS. They generally do not charge extra for guac in your burrito, and their prices are reasonable to begin with.

    13. Christine E says:

      Nooooooo! We love Great Burrito!

    14. Gena says:

      Great Burrito – thanks to this website, long ago deep in the comments about some upscale Mexican place opening, someone recommended Great Burrito – and we’ve been feasting on their enchiladas mole and weekend fish taco ever since. This is sad news. Also I’m surprised that someone found this place unfriendly – I’ve always experienced a warm welcome there. Thank you for keeping us informed, even when the news is so sad – will be stopping there today for sure, and until they close.

    15. George says:

      If they had table service and a more open seating area, The Great Burrito would be one of the better Mexican restaurants in the UWS. But as a cramped counter service spot, it was hard spending $17 for two enchiladas.

      Nonetheless, the decline of Latin American establishments in the 70s and 80s continues to be sad. I really do think a well-rounded, mid-range Mexican restaurant would be a perfect addition to the area. For now I’m eagerly awaiting the Spanish-Caribbean restaurant Tasca on Columbus.

    16. Joshua Drumm says:

      So sad about TGB. One of our favorites in the neighborhood and I will sorely miss the flautas. I hope they re-open soon! However, we look forward to opening our Big Frog custom garment store December 18th! I hope that you will all stop by and create something unique!

    17. Gail Klein says:

      I’m very sorry to hear this! They had great burritos and authentic Mexican food. The little guys can’t make it here anymore.

    18. S says:

      Please tell me how to get in the list..I will follow them wherever they go!!

    19. Mark Moore says:

      Never went into the Great Burrito because the design was totally uninviting. It was this mysterious dark place painted black where no activity seemed to take place.

    20. BR says:

      Not sure if you already reported this, but C&S Hardware on Amsterdam looks closed. It was shuttered on Saturday and the signs were ripped off.

    21. Lala says:

      Unless something has changed, the store at 2061 Broadway is actually a Wireless Once store that is Verizon authorized retailer (or something like that), not Verizon corporate. Found that out the hard way when I bought a phone there and had issues, but could not get any support from Verizon. Had to go back to the retailer and they were not terribly helpful (not that Verison always is, but at least you have options for different ways of seeking help).

    22. Beto says:

      Yet again! The greed of landlords. Great Burrito, you will be missed!!