Check Out Moms Night Out at the JCC With MommyShorts and HappilyEvaAfter!


Ilana Wiles.

Join the JCC for a very special event with Instagram personalities Ilana Wiles (@MommyShorts) and Eva Amurri Martino (@TheHappilyEva). Hear about their experiences parenting while maintaining an active social media presence. They will discuss subjects such as explaining social media to younger kids and setting reasonable parameters in the social media era. Hear how they juggle the conflict that evolves when you try to limit your kids’ screen time while having a job that involves spending a lot of time on your phone yourself.

Eva Amurri Martino.

Their conversation will be moderated by Kveller contributing editor Jordana Horn.

Wine reception included

Thursday, December 12, 8–9:30 pm $25/$30 Register at:


Eva Amurri Martino is the mom, wife, actress, and video creator behind Happily Eva After. Growing up in the entertainment industry, Eva was always traveling, exploring new cities, and meeting fascinating people, which has resulted in a love of fashion, beauty, cooking, entertaining, and interior design. Eva currently resides in Connecticut with her husband, Kyle, their daughter Marlowe, and their son, Major. With a brutally honest and humorous approach to finding the joy in every stage of life and parenting, she candidly documents her life experiences through her blog, YouTube videos, and social channels.

Ilana Wiles is the blogger behind, the creator of @mommyshorts, @averageparentproblems, and @mommyshortssquad on Instagram; and the author of the The Mommy Shorts Guide to Remarkably Average Parenting. Her background in advertising has helped her to create unique branded content that consistently entertains her multiplatform audience. Ilana was named to Forbes’ list of Top 10 Parenting Influencers.

Jordana Horn is a contributing editor to Kveller. She is a journalist, lawyer, writer, and mother of six. She has written for numerous publications including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, The Los Angeles Times, The Forward, and Tablet. She has appeared as a parenting expert on NBC’s Today Show and Fox and Friends. @JORDANAKVELLS

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