UWS Music School Gets Sparkling Renovation from TV Show Handyman

Erika Floreska, executive director of the Bloomingdale School of Music, in the renovated courtyard.

George Oliphant, star of NBC show “George to the Rescue”, came to the rescue of the Bloomingdale School of Music at 323 West 108th Street. The school, which offers inexpensive or free music lessons to children and adults in the neighborhood, gave $250,000 in scholarships last year.

The show renovated the school’s David Greer Music Hall and its outdoor courtyard, with pro bono work and supplies donated by 25 contractors. The episode is expected to air in the spring.

Students and faculty in the renovated music hall.

See the comparison below sent by the show’s rep:

The following companies were involved:

General Contractor – SilverLining Inc.

Architect – Rogers Partners

Landscape Design – Evan C Lai Landscape Design

Hardscape Materials – SiteOne

Mural – 40 Visuals

Plant Material – Hicks Nursery

Lighting – Orsman

Theater & Acoustics – Charcoalblue

Audio & Video – Sage Audio Video Technology

Moving Company for Piano – Dunrite Specialized

Demolition – Signature Interior Demolition

Electrical – Apollo Electric Inc.

Lighting Controls & Theatrical Lighting – ETC

Plumbing & Sprinkler – Forte Express Plumbing & Heating

Millwork – Premium Grade Millwork Corp

Decorative Metal – Coco Architectural Grilles & Metal Craft

Wood Floor – Dara Wood

Paint – Janovic

Painting – Metropolitan Painting Interiors

Theatrical Drapery & Hardware – iWeiss

Framing – Arquenta

Framing Materials – Liberty Panel & Home Center

Glazing – Empire Mirror & Glass

Acoustical Panels – Unika Vaev

Linear LED – One Illuminates LLC

Hardware – Elegance Hardware

Front Door Stone Saddle – Castel Tile

Fabricated Ceiling Wood Panels – PGM

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    1. UWSider says:

      Bloomingdale School is a treasure of the UWS.

    2. Burtnor says:

      THANK YOU, George to the Rescue and all pro bono contractors and suppliers! Makes my day!! We all need an upbeat story. I hope your generosity will encourage more music students, more music, more joy!

    3. Becca says:

      I only discovered David Greer’s work when I was researching a building I used to live in, a townhouse at 734 WEA which was subsequently torn down and replaced by something modern and nondescript. He lived there with (I assume) his partner until the late 80’s when they sadly died with a year of each other. Then it was sold by the estates to a profiteer who let it fall into disrepair and it was divided into apartments. I lived there for a year until driven out by the miserable landlord. It was a pit but the building had such character! You could imagine what it had once been.

      Anyway, it was that search that led me to David Greer and the discovery of the great work that he did in this area. So glad it lives on and that others are contributing!

    4. Honest Abe says:

      The new piano is a beauty.

    5. Jan says:

      Yes it took a village but is fantastic!
      See what we can do?
      And such a worthy cause Here’s hoping
      many generations reap the benefits of
      Music instruction here

    6. Cathie Fischer says:

      FABULOUS!!!! Thank you, George to the Rescue! You have brought new life to all BSMNY serves! What a Thanksgiving!!

    7. EricaC says:

      It is a wonderful school – what a lovely gift!

    8. EricaC says:

      Oh – and thank you for the list of contractors; I am making a note ….

    9. Juliet Kwan says:

      What a wonderful gift to our community and our music students! It’s a treasure in the neighborhood!