Little Hawk Perched On A Bank Awning Is Literally Stopping Traffic On Broadway

It takes a lot for Upper West Siders to slow their pace, but a little hawk perched on top of a Banco Santander awning on 82nd Street and Broadway was causing people to stop and gawk on Wednesday morning. The hawk appeared to know just how cute it is, and was posing coyly on the awning as several people snapped photos.

Unfortunately, it was eventually forced to move, according to Ira Schwarz, who took the photos above and below.

“Then the super of the building went in and knocked on the window, the hawk flew away but found a tree in the middle of Broadway to settle in again.”

We have removed the word “baby” as apparently this one is out of its baby stage.

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    1. Gia Stern says:

      Aww. The baby hawk almost sat on my mother’s head Monday evening. Lol.

    2. Lisa says:

      So cute! Why did the super need to scare him away? Not like he was hurting anything.

    3. Birdie says:

      Please tell your landlords and others to avoid using rat poison. The Hawks eat the mice and rats that take the bait and end up poisoned. Thanks

    4. William L Sharfman says:

      Appears to be a juvenile redtail, very possibly one of the by-now distant progeny of the great Pale Male, who I once had the extreme honor of having on MY window ledge for a good half a minute of watching one another through the glass. Speaking of that, the Super ought to have treasured the moment, for doing what he did he deserves to be knocked hard in his window. We are fortunate to have such a fine colony of redtails making this area home.

      • Judith Hoy says:

        Thank you for the information – accurate by my knowledge – and for your suggestion that the super be told of his error!!!

      • Filatura says:

        I’d vote for a juvenile redtail, too. They seem to more common on the UWS lately. But they are not the only hawks in the neighborhood. Since the weather has gotten chillier the birds at the feeder on my terrace have been stuffing themselves. The usual finches, sparrows, mourning doves and bluejays were even joined for a time by a shy female cardinal. Yesterday, however, there wasn’t a bird in sight and I idly wondered why. Then I found out: at about noon, I heard a loud plop. A kestrel, aka sparrow hawk, had landed on a branch of the Japanese maple next to the feeder, clearly looking for lunch. It waited a while but no prey arrived, and after a few minutes it flew off. The sparrows,etc., no birdbrains they,are back today.

    5. Matt says:

      thats Jimbo he likes awnings.

    6. Gina says:

      Just shows how starved city folk are for nature. Good photos.

    7. Doug says:

      A few things I overheard while snapping my own pics this morning….

      What?! No one’s seen an owl before?!

      Is this The turkey?

      How do you spell hawk?

    8. Jean C. Joachim says:

      What a beautiful bird. Thank you for sharing.

    9. Kevin S. says:

      Not a baby. Mature red tailed hawk. Notice the red tail and dark eyes. It’s just sitting on the window ledge checking things out or digesting a meal. There was no reason to chase it away.

    10. anthony Adams says:

      It is my hope that this hawk will choose a better bank or at least a better branch. The two ATMs just inside the door are notorious for not dispensing the cash customers request while debiting their accounts.