Openings & Closings: Vanessa’s Dumpling House, An American Craftsman, Champion Martial Arts, Universal Barber

Image via Vanessa’s Dumpling House.

Vanessa’s Dumpling House, a popular Chinese dumpling and lunch/snack spot with four locations around the city, plans to open at 452 Amsterdam Ave (between 81st and 82nd), according to TradedNY. They’ll be taking the 800 square foot space that was formerly Treat House, notes our tipster George. “Each location they’ve opened has been a little different,” George writes. “But my guess is that this will be similar to the menu and style of the newest location in LIC ( which has a slicker space and offers not only dumplings but also noodles, soup, buns, sandwiches, bubble tea, and more. The UWS could certainly use more (and more variety) when it comes to cheap eats, so I find this to be a welcome addition.” Check out the menus at the various locations here.

An American Craftsman is back on the UWS, this time at 2007 Broadway between 68th & 69th Street. It closed its prior location at  Columbus and 74th Street last year. “Be ready for an eye-popping collection of old standbys and creatively refreshing new discoveries.”

Champion Martial Arts has opened at 493 Columbus Avenue between 83rd and 84th Streets. Champion has dozens of locations throughout the city, and teaches beginners to more advanced students in several styles of martial arts. Thanks to Lisa and Hannah for the tips.

Universal Barber Shop opened this week at 2868 Broadway at 111th Street. It’s owned by Ruben, who has been cutting my hair for years up at Columbia Barber Shop, customer Ron tells us. “Ruben is a highly skilled barber and I recommend him highly. The shop is Unisex, has multiple chairs and a nicely designed decor. Open Mon-Saturday, closed Sunday.”

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    1. NY10023 says:

      So happy American Craftsman is back!
      My go-to for holiday shopping, let alone cool knick-knacks for the home

    2. Kathy says:

      The next fabulous book sale at Saint Agnes library branch on Amsterdam Ave will be Saturday, December 7th. Gorgeous new coffee table books for gifts and lots of excellent children’s books, too.

    3. Deri says:

      Can’t wait for Vanessa’s! Such a great addition to the nabe.

    4. Kaz says:

      Isn’t there a similar inflatable kicking dude who sits out on the sidewalk a little farther up on Columbus? I always laugh because he has one giant leg and one teeny leg.

    5. Trish says:

      Me: OMG a new martial arts school near my office!
      Also me: No morning classes. Sigh.

    6. Chris Fahey says:

      Pls advise… can 55+, out of shape but want to get in
      shape woman, try martial arts? I hear it’s good for balance and strengthening. Thoughts?

      • Give Tai Chi for Health by Dr. Paul Lam a try. (google it) Tai Chi is phenomenal for the aging and for premature aging prevention. Can even dramatically reduce arthritis symptoms. Can also be done from a chair. Most any Tai Chi class will do the trick, but most focus on perfection of form instead of breathing and moving from the joints – and yet the magic of the latter happens over time, anyway. 🙂

      • Sherman says:

        I’ve been practicing Krav Maga for many years. Workouts are brutal but people of all ages and fitness levels attend classes. Instructors are usually very accepting of people just starting off who might not be in the best shape.

        KM will very quickly get you in amazing shape and build confidence.

        It helps me handle the abuse I receive from ignorant ranters here on WSR!

    7. MQue says:

      Vanessa’s Dumplings are amazing but their sandwiches are even better!!!!

    8. Karin says:

      APTHORP PHARMACY IS MOVING to 2191 B’WaY, BETWEEN 77TH & 78TH (the former Bra Smyth store).

    9. Cameron says:

      Thrilled about Vanessa’s! Love Han Dynasty but there’s a definite lack of good Chinese in the neighborhood. Now with Vanessa’s we have Han Dynasty, Jing Fong for Dim Sum, and now a decently priced dumpling house. Great news!