It’s Marathon Weekend! Check Out Schedules, Fireworks, and Street Closures

The New York City Marathon is this weekend, and the Upper West Side is at the center of the action.

On Friday night, fireworks will go off around 6:30 p.m. at Cherry Hill in the park.

On Saturday, there’s a “Dash to the Finish” 5K race starting at 8:45 a.m. that runs through Manhattan and ends in Central Park, so Center Drive and parts of West Drive will be closed.

On Marathon Sunday, the race will end around 67th Street in Central Park. See the full map of the ending area here and a section of it below.

The following streets will be closed in Manhattan (with the highlighted blue section in and around the Upper West Side).

The NYPD may also close off other areas from the West 60s to the 80s for family reunion spots after the race.

It’s an amazing event, and very inspiring watching people cross the finish line. Good luck to all the runners and their families!

Top photo by Brian Boyd.

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    1. Michael says:

      Would be great if the NYPD would clearly advise garages in the W60s just west of CPW how those who house cars there will – or won’t – be able to exit those facilities going westbound Sunday morning or when they will expect to open streets again in the afternoon. With concrete barriers on the Columbus Avenue sides of those streets, it’s unclear if cars will be able to exit if traveling away from the race. Calling NYPD Community Affairs gets no answer, local electeds give one answer, beat cops give another, 311 is totally in the dark.

      • Steen says:

        It’s almost like this is the first year we’ve had the marathon in NYC. /s

        I’m beginning to think people just use WSR to complain in the most pointless ways.

        • Cato says:

          Many of us don’t build our years around this event and so don’t commit its details to memory.

          To some of us it’s just a big nuisance so each year we have to adapt to wherever we find ourselves at the moment.

          I hope you enjoy it. I (and I suspect many others) will be staying as far out of its way as possible, waiting for the Mylar blankets to give us our streets back.

    2. gerry says:

      Do you know the hours these rules will be in effect?

    3. BIg Earl says:

      I called 311 and they had no useful information. Signs say no parking Saturday and Sunday on side streets but with no times listed. We are leaving around 10:30am Saturday. I can get no info what time they expect people to move cars on Saturday for streets not directly used. So we’re winging it and hoping for the best leaving the car until 10:30am. Thanks for no help NYC.

    4. Chris says:

      Funny how they say you will need ID to enter closed streets in the 60’s when there is no ID law in NY. Every year I enter those streets and tell police I do not have to have an ID per New York Law. Just like voting.

    5. Nickie Palmer says:

      I logged a complaint via 311 but also went to Linda Rosenthal’s office on west 72 with my complaint on Thursday, after seeing NO PARKING SATURDAY AND SUNDAY signs on my block. No hours listed. That office called me that same afternoon to tell me the enforcement hours for no parking on my block ( w 73 between cpw and Columbus) would be 9pm Saturday to 7pm Sunday. The reason given by the precinct was that it is a family reunion block. NYPD gets a fail on this for not providing timely info. Kudos to Linda Rosenthal’s office!!

    6. llon says:

      Cars cars cars cars cars cars cars