Photos: Amazing Shots of the British-U.S. Flyover

Red white and whoa! A joint Hudson River flyover with Royal Air Force and US Air Force planes created quite the attraction on Thursday morning.

Photo by Deanna Ferrante from 89th Street.

Photo by Susan Windle.

Photo by Steven Barall from Riverside Park South.

Photo by Steven Barall.

Photo by Steven Barall.

Photo by Deanna Ferrante.

Photo by Dr. Seth Gopin from 72nd Street.

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    1. MQue says:

      I saw them downtown but my pictures are nowhere near as this good

    2. Cynthia Parzych says:

      Does anyone know the reason for the fly-past?

    3. Karen says:

      Thank you for these beautiful photos…

    4. Mmmkk says:

      Too bad that can be mistaken for the French or Dutch…

    5. geoff says:

      Though it might not be possible to get an exact cost of a flyover, the figure $80,000 is repeated in internet searches. More discomforting though is the routine practice of dumping unused fuel just prior to landing. For the Blue Angels, this happens over the Gulf of Mexico.

      You can read about the cost of a Superbowl flyover here:

      No matter what I read, the flyovers seem hardly justified economically Not to mention the C 130 that accompanies all events, and the spare jet fighters (2) that also are on standby.

    6. F. Shtopp says:

      Top 3 photos…EXCELLENT !

      Probably done with a (GASP!!!) REAL CAMERA with a high-quality OPTICAL ZOOM plus image-stabilization (removes camera shake), as opposed to the much lower quality digital zoom of a so-called ‘smart-phone’.

    7. Gillian Webster says:

      That’s the Red Arrows, the RAF’s famous display team. They’re touring the US to promote Britain apparently.

    8. Frank says:

      Was nice to see the F-22 Raptors in-person. Still the best fighter jet on the planet and a site to behold.

      Wish I could make it to the airshow this weekend. The level of engineering that goes into these machines and the pilots who command them is impressive to say the least.