Morning Bulletin: New School Supplies Tossed, Coppola’s Praised, Hostels Could Be Legalized

Outside Health Nuts at 99th and Broadway. Photo by Melinda Crump.

August 19, 2019 Weather: Partly cloudy, with a high of 88 degrees.

Free music and tours and many other local events are on our calendar.

People on food stamps with high blood pressure can get $30 of coupons a month for fruits and vegetables at local farmers markets when they go to the pharmacy to pick up their blood pressure medication. Local pharmacies include New Amsterdam Drug Mart at 698 Amsterdam Avenue and Quick RX UWS at 909 Columbus Avenue. The program is supported by the city and the USDA. Learn more here.

Recycling advocate Anna Sacks says she found items like unused books and school supplies in the trash outside PS 166 on 89th Street in recent days. And that wasn’t the only local school where she says she found such items being trashed. “Wasteful workers at a building that houses PS 333 [on 93rd], the Manhattan School for Children, as well as two middle schools dumped colored pencils, chalk and oil pastels, paper, staples and erasers, she said.” The principal at 166 said she would talk to staff and that the school has a history of donating materials. The DOE told the post that the supplies found outside PS 333 were not from that school.

Coppola’s West on 79th Street got a nice plug from Chef Will Edwards in Grub Street. “The food is memorable, but it’s the atmosphere that keeps me coming back. Bring a date, grab a booth along the wall, and share some of the homemade pastas, especially the tortellini.”

The City Council is looking to legalize hostels to give budget-minded tourists more places to stay. For now, Hostelling International on 103rd and Amsterdam is the only true hostel in the city after getting special permission years ago. It has rooms for as little as $50 a night.

The city is changing the high school admissions process. “Starting next year, the city will allow students to sit on waiting lists for schools they wanted to attend, but didn’t get into. The city is also eliminating the second round of admissions, which it now uses to for students who aren’t matched to a school they applied to during the typical process.”

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    1. Nene says:

      I used to donate school supplies in the beginning of the school year. After reading this I don’t think I will continue to do so…

    2. Kathleen says:

      “The DOE told the post that the supplies found outside PS 333 were not from that school.” Really?!

      • anonymous says:

        There is a good chance the supplies were from a summer camp located in that building. It would be amazing to have an organization modeled after City Harvest where new and gently used materials could be donated.

        • B.B. says:

          There are plenty of charities and other places that each year look for new or lightly used school supplies. Just do a quick internet search and am sure you’ll find.

          Many are gearing up right now for back pack distribution. Giving needy kids not only a new back pack, but filled with school supplies for new year.

    3. B.B. says:

      What, no comments, moaning, wailing or screams about NYC seeking to legalize hostels?

      UWS with its rich supply of residential hotels could see an influx of new hostels.

      City is doing this of course to kneecap AirBnB.

      IMHO apartment share beats hostel any day of the week.