Photos: The Winged Creatures of Riverside Garden

The Riverside Community Garden in the park at 91st Street is in full bloom and it’s drawing both human admirers and various celestial insects.

Mildred Alpern, who took the photos below, describes it in more accurate terms.

“Alongside the budding and bursting cleomes, anemones, and rudbeckias, the butterfly bushes (Buddleia) welcome monarch, yellow swallowtail, and red admiral butterflies for feasting pleasure. The white cabbage butterfly flits about among the group in a frenzied state. For a bonus among the lepidoptera is a dragonfly with its pair of transparent wings.”


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    1. T Sato says:

      Thank you for the gorgeous photos. Don’t forget the bees! The spot is indeed a little Eden that I cherish.

      • Sit-Down Comic says:

        Re: “Don’t forget the bees! The spot is indeed a little Eden….”

        Well…if it IS a little Eden, don’t forget the Birds’n’Bees.

        And DO try this delicious fruit.

        But could you please be MORE ORIGINAL in your sin?

    2. Nubby says:

      In this world of ordinary people,
      Extraordinary people,
      I’m glad there is you.

    3. MB/UWSer says:


      My gosh, look at the beautiful photographs! I believe the second butterfly just may be a hackberry emperor – what a gift for the photographer to see,and to share. Thank you!!

      The eastern tiger swallowtail has a wing span of 4 and 3/8″ – sure to not miss this delicate beauty when flying about. And the eyes of the paired wing dragonfly meets the eye of the camera.

      Thank you for sharing some incredible moments of your beautiful excursion in the park!

    4. CathyS says:

      Stunning images, thanks.

    5. Rev Max B Surjadinata says:

      Beautiful!!! Thank you for your loving efforts to beautify our area…

    6. Ellen W. says:

      Fantastic pictures!

    7. BABSEY says: