Sandy the Stolen Bearded Dragon Recovered by NYPD

Sgt. Paschall, Officer Gomez and Petqua manager Sam with Sandy

By Joy Bergmann

Sharp-eyed officers from NYPD’s 24th Precinct spotted the suspect in last month’s theft of Sandy, the bearded dragon, from Petqua and safely recovered the beloved pet of the Shapiro family.

We’re awaiting details on the case, but Stacey Shapiro wanted us to pass along the good news. “Thanks so much for all of your help and posting the story.  I credit you and WSR for getting exposure on this story. We want to thank the NYPD for staying on top of the case and recovering Sandy for us. What a great community we live in!”

The 24th Precinct posted its version of events on Twitter last night:

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    1. UWSHebrew says:

      Wow, I thought this was a lost cause. These officers are awesome.

    2. Rob G. says:

      Kol hakavod to the NYPD! We love you!

      Also, I want to use this opportunity to plug Petqua to my fellow WSR readers – it’s one of our greatest neighborhood stores!

      • Timmy says:

        I wholeheartedly second the Petqua plug/praise. The guys are the best, and they carry excellent products at great prices. If my dog had it her way she’d go see them every time we’re out for a walk. The shop is truly one of our favorite things about the neighborhood. Now that it finds itself under a dreaded scaffolding it’s a great time to support them, if you’re not already.

      • Kathryn Eddy says:


    3. UWSWasp says:


    4. Marilyn says:

      And thanks to Sam the owner of our great pet-store, Petqua on Broadway @ 98 St.

    5. Frank says:

      The 24 is one the best houses to work

    6. Chris says:

      Great work by our NYPD!

    7. AC says:

      Wonder if these cops were walking or driving on their beat. Regardless, excellent job by these eagle-eyed cops!

    8. Melissa Justin says:

      Yayyyy So Happy to read this great news!!! Thanks to all involved who helped find and return Sandy!! Xox