Sing for Hope Public Pianos Are on the UWS and All Over the City

A piano called “Reflect/Reflejos” by artist Carlos Wilfredo Encarnacio is outside the Dairy Visitor’s Center in Central Park near 65th Street.

A nonprofit called Sing for Hope has placed 50 colorful pianos throughout the city, available for anyone to play starting this week.

The local pianos are in front of Lincoln Center at 20 Lincoln Center Plaza, at the Dairy Visitor’s Center in Central Park near 65th Street, and outside the Cathedral of St. John the Divine on Amsterdam and 114th. See the map of all the pianos here.

The pianos will be around until June 23. Afterwards, they’ll be donated to schools and hospitals.

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    1. I am so honored to have been a past Artist Donor
      to Sing For Hope. Their function brings Music Arts to underserved schools and hospitals, to youth and the elderly, and to everyone of us, to glean from the joyful healing power of song and instrument. Now go find
      a piano and sit down and play a tune, tra la la!

    2. Ellie says:

      That’is a happy thing….and I hope that children will be allowed to play on them ….any way they wish…..that is how I learned……..E. N.