Gun-Toting Thief Swiped $150 Worth of Cold Medicine From Duane Reade, Police Say

Police are looking for the man shown in surveillance footage above and below because they say he stole a large amount of cold medicine and flashed a gun at an employee who tried to stop him.

The police account is below:

It was reported to police that on Saturday, May 18, 2019 at approximately 0100 hours, inside of 1889 Broadway (Duane Reade near 63rd Street), an unidentified male was observed taking large amounts of cold medicine and placing it into his wheeled shopping basket. The male was approached by a 22-year-old employee who attempted to prevent the male from exiting the pharmacy at which time the male displayed a silver firearm in his waistband. The male left the location with $150 worth of cold medicine and walked eastbound on Broadway. There were no reported injuries as a result of this incident.

The person wanted for questioning is described as a male with a light complexion, 20-30 years-old; last seen wearing a black shirt with Westside Market logo on the front, shorts, black sunglasses on his forehead and carrying a black backpack.

Anyone with information in regard to the identity of this male is asked to call the NYPD’s Crime Stoppers Hotline at 1-800-577-TIPS (8477) or for Spanish, 1-888-57-PISTA (74782). The public can also submit their tips by logging onto the CrimeStoppers website at WWW.NYPDCRIMESTOPPERS.COM, on Twitter @NYPDTips.

All calls are strictly confidential.

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    1. UWS_lifer says:

      Looks like someone has a “cook” planned for later.

      Yes, I have seen Breaking Bad multiple times.:) Amazing show. After The Sopranos and Mad Men probably the best ever.

      • Mark P says:

        Except I think all the cold medicine you can cook with – containing pseudophedrine – is now kept by the pharmacist, not on shelves. Either this is a dumb cook, or I’m incompletely informed 🙂

    2. Fashion Police says:

      That is a West Side Market sweatshirt in the first photo.

    3. Robert says:

      Its clearly a drug addict or a drug seller if he stole so much cold meds. Must take out of the streets. Asap!

    4. carol says:

      I wouldn’t worry to much “Mayor”/ President elect Bill is back in town….he will protect us

    5. Michael says:

      Maybe close this particular DR from 11:30pm to 5:00am? It would probably resolve most of their issues. Those night time clerks are in danger.

      • Joe says:

        Apparently you know that the DR is a target from 11:30pm to 5:00am, I know it’s a target from 11:30pm to 5:00am, and robbers know it’s an easy target from 11:30pm to 5:00am. The only reason we all know it’s a target is because it’s obvious the precinct isn’t watching and doesn’t care.

        • dannyboy says:

          “The only reason we all know it’s a target is because it’s obvious the precinct isn’t watching and doesn’t care.”

          Backwards. The Precinct Commander has writen, HERE ON WSR, that DR refuses to provide security and it ALL FALLS TO THE POLICE. He explained that that creates a very dangerous situation for locals AND THE POLICE, who have gotten injured in the course of arrests.

          • D.I. Malin says:

            We spend an inordinate amount of time patrolling Duane Reade stores for them. They are the leading source of larcenies in this precinct, and we do more directed patrols in their stores than anyone else.

            But we can’t be everywhere at once.

            Duane Reade puts security guards in stores elsewhere in the City, why not on the UWS?

      • UWSHebrew says:

        how about closing all pharmacies 11:00pm – 6:00am?

        • dannyboy says:

          Only if I can schedule when I get sick and need a prescription filled.

          • UWSHebrew says:

            the actual pharmacy counter in pharmacies close around 9pm. so anything you have a prescription for you can’t get anyway. next!

        • B.B. says:

          So what are people supposed to do who cannot get refills and or new scripts filled over night?

          Most hospitals don’t have 24hr pharmacies any longer. Persons are sent from ER with scripts that they either fill at their own pharmacy, or one that works with the hospital/healthcare network.

          Lenox Hill sends people to a 24hr DR on Third and 74th for instance.

          Only other alternative would be for someone out of meds but experiencing a threatening issue would be the ER, and they are already crowded with non emergency patients. That is if you or your kid has an asthma attack at 1AM, but inhaler is empty what do you propose they do?

    6. WestEndAl says:

      Eastbound on Broadway? This guy’s escaped into the Twilight Zone; they’ll never find him!

    7. B.B. says:

      Anyone who goes into a DR armed is not your average shoplifter. This man certainly was a pro and had an agenda. Likely will be making a more such hauls, or attempting to, so stay tuned.

    8. B.B. says:

      Pseudoephedrine, Ephedrine, and Phenylpropanolamine containing medications have been banned from over counter sales for more than ten years.

      By federal law among other control measures such medications must be either in a locked case or behind counter.

      There is only so much space behind register counters at convenience stores. As things stand tobacco products and high theft items already take up much of that space. But people seem to be sealing anything that isn’t nailed down today including Tide laundry detergent, diapers, nail polish, hair care/personal hygiene products, etc…

      Thus best most places can do is but things behind locked shelf cabinets. These are those shelves that usually have some sort of alarm when case opened/door lifted. Am willing to bet it was lifting of case door (and resulting alarm) that caused that DR employee to respond and confront thief.