Driver Jumps the Curb on Central Park West, Smashes Pedestrian Signal

A driver jumped the curb on Central Park West at 65th Street early Thursday morning, destroying a “pedestrian crossing” signal at the intersection.

“A Mercedes Benz with DC plates crashed into the wall of the park causing serious damage to the front of the car,” our tipster wrote. “You can see the pole with the pedestrian crossing button knocked down.”

A police spokesman did not have any information on the crash. The tipster said he saw a police officer speaking with someone who appeared to be the driver (indicating the driver was not incapacitated by the crash).

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    1. The W. 80th St. Block Association/Billy Amato says:

      I wonder what the cross street was? This is happening more and more and turning into to be very common accident along Central Park West and the transverse roads. DOT should install “street bollards” as a safety guard protecting pedestrians who are waiting for the light to change at the crosswalks corners.

      • geoff says:

        you write ‘very common’; how common? how many of this kind of accident has there been?

        i haven’t read of many and perhaps i’m missing something.

      • Evan Bando says:

        I agree with geoff. How many of these accidents have occurred on CPW? They happen here and there around the city but should the DOT install “street bollards” at every location this has happened? Why not just install barriers on every street corner in the city? That ought to take care of the epidemic of cars jumping the curb. Or maybe guard rails along every avenue? That would help too. It’s a jungle out there.

        • Concerned Citizen says:

          Excellent idea and will take that under consideration at the next CB7 meeting. I for one have witnessed many accidents over the years and Central Park West at the 65Th Street transverse and have seen a few more at the West 81 Street transverse (very dangerous how the vehicles run the green arrow) including the death right in my neighborhood CPW/65 Street of the wonderful Australian woman this past fall. So sad.

        • Curbjumpingnyc says:

          I agree. Bollards are a band aid that ignores the problem. It doesn’t protect people crossing the street where most people get hit. The problem is too many cars cluttering the city.

          • gordie says:

            Yes! The problem is too many cars, and barricading ourselves against people who drive cars is a brutal and sad proposition. Just ban cars from using the intersection until they learn to behave (kidding, kind of).

    2. EricaC says:

      Is this at 86th Street?

      • West Sider says:

        65th. We just updated the article to include that.

        • Norm Golden says:

          Happened on 86th Street Wednesday morning also

          • Robert West 81 says:

            Correct! There was another one yesterday afternoon I was 81Street also very common a yellow cab ran the green arrow and hit another yellow cab. There was glass and fender all over Central Park West. Also how about that school teacher at Central Park West and 81st St. when that SUV killed her right at the transverse last year. Something should be done.

    3. Lord Of The Slice says:

      Look, we’re all angry about Trump hiding and refusing to release the potentially devastating Mueller Report, but we shouldn’t be driving into walls over it.

      Get a grip, people!!!

    4. uws says:

      Hope this driver gets charged to pay for a new pedestrian crossing button.

    5. Comicolo says:

      Drunk driver??

    6. ML says:

      Was the driver under the influence or was he just an idiot driver? when these events occur do the cops administer any kind of sobriety test? Did he even get a ticket? He should pay for the repair of that crossing signal.

      • D.I. Malin says:

        No, not under the influence. No criminality on the part of the motorist who hit the wall whatsoever. In fact, the driver of this car swerved to avoid another car that had exited its rightful lane of traffic and lost control of his car. Unfortunately, by the time we got to the scene, the other car was long gone. Luckily, no one, including the driver who hit the wall, was injured.