Community Comes Together to Do What’s Good for the Goose

By Carol Tannenhauser

On Saturday morning, Jason Haber, a broker with Warburg Realty, was preparing to show the sixth-floor model apartment of a new condominium development at 207 West 75th Street, when a family of four came in to tell him that a goose was “stuck” on the second-floor back terrace of the building. They had seen it from their back terrace, around the corner. Upon investigation, the group found that “the goose had an injured leg as it was limping,” Jason explained in an email. So, he did what any savvy person would: took to Twitter.

Meanwhile, the family – the Gregoires – did what any caring Upper West Side family would: brought in food.

“Peas, soup, oatmeal and lentils,” Haber reported. “I then called Assemblymember Linda Rosenthal and she immediately dropped everything she was doing to help. By way of background, I’m the male Democratic Party state committee member for the 67th assembly district (which is Linda’s district). I used to work for Scott Stringer and remain very active in local politics. Linda spoke to the 20th Precinct and they sent two cops over. At the same time, we were trying to get animal control (ACC) over, but they were backed up and didn’t know when they could arrive.

“NYPD came and then a team from emergency response services came later with special gear. They then loaded the goose into a crate and took it up to the Wild Bird Fund on 88th and Columbus. We’re not sure of the gender,” Haber said, “but we named the goose ‘Fred’ after the CEO of Warburg Realty, Fred Peters.”

Deputy Inspector Timothy Malin, of the 20th Precinct, tweeted his report:

    1. jezbel says:

      Wild Bird Fund is ALWAYS the place to go when you find a feathered friend in distress in this City. Don’t both to call Animal Control. They don’t/can’t always choose the option that is the best for the animal. Wild Bird Fund is right here on the UWS and will take any injured feathered animal.
      Way to go. Good job.

    2. Stuart says:

      So Mr Haber used his political connections and was able to have the police come over, when a regular citizen would have called the 20th Precinct directly.

      Everyone should have 212-580-6411 (the phone number of the precinct) in their contacts or on their speed dial.

    3. Kat French says:

      Kudos to the 20th Precinct for their assistance AND their great sense of humor with that tweet!

    4. The W. 80th St. Private Block Association says:

      Kudos to the 20th precinct from the W. 80th St. Block Association

    5. lk says:

      Maybe somebody from the 20-th precinct is listening. Bike thieves acting brazenly now. My friend’s bike was stolen from the north side of 83-rd and Broadway Saturday morning(9:30am-11:30am). Thieves cut through the chain. Another friend had his bike stolen on 72 and Columbus – also cut through the chain a few ago. It was an evening then, but now – full daylight next to a doorman building. I hope precinct is aware of the bicycle thefts in the neighborhood.

      • D.I. Malin says:

        Thank you for this post. Yes, bike thefts are a persistent issue in the 20th Precinct. Especially during the summer… So much so that I actually have a special weekly report handed to me that details bike thefts in the previous 28 days.

        In the last 28 day period, there were two bike thefts reported to us. Mind you, that does not mean there were only two bike thefts… just two thefts that were reported to us.

        What I recommend to everyone – and please pass this on to your friend – is that they be sure to report bike thefts when they occur. Realistically, the chances of us getting the owner back his/her bike are slim… but the report becomes a data-point that can help us map crime and deploy our resources accordingly. Hope this helps.

    6. Js says:

      Nice story.
      And excellent tweet by Captain Malin.

    7. ST says:

      No plug for politicians needed. The Gregoires, NYPD and The Wild Bird fund are the heros.

      • Lois says:

        I think it’s great that a constituent contacted his assemblymember and she sprang into action. Good for Linda Rosenthal and all in the chain that prevented the goose from being cooked!

    8. Lorene says:

      Huh, I guess this goose has connections, a wild baby bird and I were turned away without much of an explanation two years ago. They told me to put him back where I found him, which was in the road. I thought that was very compassionate of them. It really is who who know, even if you’re a bird.

      • EricaC says:

        Are you sure they told you to put him back IN the road, not next to it?

        The fact is that many of the baby birds that well-meaning people “save” are not actually abandoned. If it is a fledgling, it should be left. If it is a baby, and you can put it back in the nest, that is better than taking it from its parents.

        One thing is for sure – the WBF is compassionate to birds. If they told you to do that, I’m confident it was based on their best assessment of what was best for the baby.

    9. Jeff Segall says:

      I’m glad their goose was not cooked.

    10. Sharon says:

      How the UWS responds. With kindness, concern and
      Good deeds. Love the 20th Precinct tweet. Full of

    11. Elisabeth Anderson says:

      20th Precinct was always a big help to me… including my cat getting stuck in the Murphy Bed, successfully removed. I sent a thank you letter to the 20th.
      This included dealing with other Manhattan Precinct dilemmas.
      I was there when the “new house” opened, and was a volunteer.

    12. BA says:

      Seriously, everyone involved did a great job saving the goose and getting him further help.