The Majesty of A Hawk in Winter

Photographers caught amazing photos of hawks in Riverside and Central Parks in recent days. The first three, of a Cooper’s Hawk in Riverside Park, were shot by Christopher Ang. The next three were shot by Nicholas Noyes in Central Park.

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    1. EricaC says:

      Gorgeous photos (of a gorgeous bird)!

    2. Datfy says:

      Nice photos, but where’s the Mandarin duck for the Lunar New Year?

    3. Daniel says:

      Very nice photos. Thank you for sharing.

    4. Sarah says:


    5. John says:

      We’ve seen a hawk spending the night in the “island” on Riverside Drive between 98 and 99, but he seems to have moved on.

    6. B.E. says:

      Thanks for sharing. These are great!

    7. Deborah says:

      Thank you for these impressive photos. More respect for nature would make a big difference in helping Americans and our politicians take climate change seriously. It threatens these beautiful birds just as it threatens us.

    8. Cathy says:

      Gorgeous. Nature tops all

    9. Martha says:

      Magnifique! How lucky you were to see these beautiful birds in the hood! Stunning photos!!

    10. Jo Baldwin says:

      The second photo reminded me of a picture an old boss had in his office, though it was of an eagle, it would be apropos for the hawk and it said: “But I am smiling”.