Like Many West Siders, The Mandarin Duck Isn’t Sure If He Likes Central Park or Riverside Park More

The Mandarin Duck has been hanging around New York City this week despite the frigid temperatures, and he’s even dipping his beak into a new waterway — the Hudson River.

A duck-spotter going by Bulldog Lloyd filmed the fowl drifting around the Boat Basin at 79th Street off of Riverside Park on Saturday.

Normally the duck hangs out at the Pond in Central Park near 60th and 5th, though he’s also been spotted in New Jersey.

Quartz even built a website that tracks the bird’s location using Tweets.

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    1. Mark Moore says:

      Riverside is too noisy. Imagine how nice it could be without that highway, and with just a nice green slope going down to the river.

      • Arjan says:

        So true! I don’t know what the history behind it is, but it is truly a pitty that the train track was dug in and the highway left open…

    2. Julie says:

      Looks like the other ducks kind of avoid him. Sort of like he’s out of sync with the dominant NYC duck culture.

    3. libirder says:

      Gorgeous plumage!

    4. Kayson212 says:

      Great video, thanks so much. I noticed the Mandarin duck reacts like a New Yorker when someone gets too close.

    5. mrs. busybody says:

      Aren’t UWSiders the luckiest of ducks?

      Who else gets to live between 2 magnificent, world class parks and has only to choose between the two for a daily perambulation?
      And then the occasional, exquisite creature like Mr. Mandarin deigns to grace us with his magnificence.
      Say Hallelujah.

    6. Cintra says:

      Beautiful duck trying to join in the group. Just like a New Yorker trying to join in with a group of New Jersians.

    7. Brenda says:

      What a wonderful video. Beautiful. I hope this mandarin duck stays around for a long time, brings pleasure watching. Thanks for sharing.

    8. One Westsider says:

      S/He fits right into Riverside Park. The west side is filled with odd ducks!

    9. Daryl says:

      the duck as a band on its leg, so its monitored somehow …

    10. Karen H. says:

      This duck is so lovely, he brings a moment of joy every time I see him. Live long and prosper, Mr. Mandarin Duck. Just don’t leave!