Snow Blower Brings a (Tiny) Winter Wonderland to Central Park

Photos by Ethan.

We haven’t gotten much real snow this winter, but an upcoming event near the Bandshell at 72nd Street is helping turn part of the park white. A snowblower is pumping snow into piles in preparation for Saturday’s Winter Jam, an event that features lots of free events from 11 a.m. until 3 p.m. It’s put on by the city Parks Department, Gore Mountain and several organizations and companies.

Among the events and venues are:

More info here.

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    1. B.E. says:

      How nice! This sounds like fun.

    2. A Central Park lover says:

      It’s not fake snow. It’s machine-made snow. Every major ski resort has snowmaking machines. “Fake” has a negative connotation.

      • The Grinch says:

        It is fake. Snow only falls from the sky and is frozen precipitation from clouds. Anything from a machine is merely man made and thus fake. Any skier will tell you that real snow is far superior to ski on than something blown out of a machine.

        • NYCSkier says:

          This is completely false. Any real skier will tell you that man made snow is just as good to ski on as natural snow. Snow is snow. Yes fresh natural powder is amazing but once the snow has laid on the ground and been skied over it is all about the grooming and no one can tell the difference between groomed natural snow and groomed man made snow.

    3. Richard says:

      Hope they don’t cancel it like they did a few years ago because its “too cold” (eyeroll)

    4. whitney says:

      Do you need to bring your own sled?

    5. Terry says:

      Did all the manmade snow get washed away by Thursday’s warm rain?

    6. Chuck D says:

      This event was an embarrassment. They cap the skiing at 300 people. Every line was longer than the event itself. It was like one of those preschool carnivals. So bad.