Openings & Closings: Bar Veloce, Isola, Treat House, More

Bar Veloce is open at 466 Amsterdam Avenue between 82nd and 83rd Streets, the former home of Amaze Fusion. It’s a “beautiful new place,” write Rich and Lori, who sent the photo above. It’s open till 1 a.m. most nights, and 2 a.m. on Friday and Saturday. The menu, and long wine and liquor list, is here.

Italian restaurant Isola, on Columbus between 108th and 109th, closed on January 2, Eddie, the manager, said. “It had excellent pizza, a rarity in the Columbia neighborhood,” Eric Foner wrote to us. A new restaurant called Ortomare will be opening in the space at the end of the month, with the same chef and a similar menu, but a different owner. The name Ortomare is made up of two words meaning “garden of vegetables” and “the sea.” The newly renovated and freshly painted restaurant will be “neighborhood oriented,” serving traditional Italian fare, with abundant vegetables and seafood, for dining in or delivery. Thanks also to Daniel Marks Cohen for the tip.

Treat House is closing after five and a half years at 452 Amsterdam Avenue at 82nd Street. The store, which serves gourmet rice krispie treat desserts, will continue to operate online and now serves treats through various retailers, including Neiman Marcus and Bloomingdale’s. It’s also expanding to sell in grocery stores. Thanks to Javier, Zoe and Karin for the tips.

Coco Fresh Tea and Juice at 118 West 72nd Street has closed for renovations for a month, an employee at another Coco location said. It appears to be moving to 126 West 72nd, according to our tipster Shondu.

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    1. EDB says:

      Treat house had one job: to make yummy rice krispie treats. It failed. They were awful.

      • Jennifer Russell says:

        i am so sorry you did not care for our treats. Send me me your email address and happy to send you complimentary treats online to enjoy!

      • Jennifer Russell says:

        So sorry you did not have good experience.Send us your email and happy to ship you complimentary treats to enjoy!

    2. Sue says:

      I never understood how Treat House sold enough Rice Crispy treats to stay in business.

      The other store I’m amazed is still there is Cocomat at 78th and Broadway. I never see anyone in there (ditto Bra Smith on Broadway and.. (77th?)

      • H S says:

        I’ve definitely wondered about both of those places. Bra Smyth in particular never ceases to find new and unusual ways to dress their front window mannequins in extremely unflattering undergarments.

      • A Murphy says:

        Cocomat is part of a bigger company and I believe they have many other locations around the world. We’ve bought some fantastic products including a mattress topper and blankets. The staff is super nice. Too bad more people don’t shop their unique bedding products at that location.

    3. MQue says:

      Bummer about Treat House. Always enjoyed their selection and friendly staff.

    4. WombatNYC says:

      Treat House usually had a failing health grade in the window .

      • Jennifer Russell says:

        We actually are proud to say that we have never had anything but an A in the window.

    5. connie z says:

      Once I went to treat house when it was closing time. The door was open and they chased me out of the store. I never went back!

    6. Eric says:

      hooray for Bar Veloce. about time they opened a branch here in the UWS. i wandered in last week – it’s a nice space, great Italian wine list.

      • Beverly says:

        Another overpriced wine bar I won’t patronize.

        • lmn says:

          I am always amazed by the people who sign on to say they won’t patronize a new business. Ok, so just don’t go. I bet many people will enjoy having a nice wine bar in the neighborhood, especially over another empty storefront.

        • Eric says:

          good!! i’ll raise a glass to your absence

    7. Mark Moore says:

      How many $15 cocktail joints can the neighborhood support?

      • DrM says:

        About the same as overpriced coffee joints?

      • Beverly says:

        Thanks Mark – tell that to Imn above.

        • lmn says:

          My only point, Beverly, was if you don’t want to go, no need to go but also no need to announce that you won’t go! Some of us don’t find it overpriced and welcome a new neighborhood place to frequent, instead of another empty store front! Might as well root for their success!

      • Glitter says:

        $15 is a deal! Decent cocktails by legit mixologists are $17-22.

    8. Jay says:

      Eric Foner the famous historian? 🙂

    9. Evan Bando says:

      To Jennifer Russell and Treat House, I am so sorry to hear you will be closing. Your allergy-free treats were an ecstatic favorite of my grandson who is not able to enjoy any of the usual stuff all the other kids get to have. It’s sad and even a little weird that people who have probably never taken the risk of starting a business, in NYC, no less, can heave so much vitriol over something so harmless and cheerful and resourceful as Treat House. And, yes, your employees were very nice, something that comes from the top down. Congratulations on a good run. Good luck on your next endeavor.