Photos of the Day: The Gift-Wrapped Trees of 73rd Street

An artist got her block into the holiday spirit by decorating the trees on 73rd Street between Broadway and West End Avenue, a project that has become an annual tradition. She wanted to remain anonymous and simply spread the joy of the season. So check them out below, or better yet — in person!

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    1. Judy says:

      Trees are the gift that keep on giving to everyone! Happy holidays!

    2. UWSJoe says:

      Community United will probably protest against this.

      Lawsuits incoming.

    3. WestEndGirl says:

      Big thank you to the anonymous artist for enlivening our streets and for not demanding for credit for her gift.

      Thank you!

    4. Sally F says:


    5. robert musiker says:

      Thank you for making the block beautiful!

    6. Marcy says:

      How wonderful of her! We have an apartment on this block, and while we won’t have a chance to see this in person, as we will be away for the duration, it is much appreciated. It reinforces my belief that NYC. Has the kindest most considerate and friendliest people in the country. Aloha from Hawaii. (Who could take lessons from New Yorkers)

    7. Melissa A. Gooding says:


    8. Elisabeth Anderson says:

      Beautiful decorations to brighten the season.

    9. Steven says:

      How WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!!
      The talented New Yorker who did this is a blessed gem who truly understands the generous spirit of Christmas.
      Thank you!
      New York is a better place thanks to this fantastic and caring person.
      Let’s nominate her: “The New Yorker Of The Week!”

    10. verlie says:

      Love it! ‘She’ makes this neighboorhood feel like a small town. I’m lucky to live here.

    11. Judith Ann says:

      I will respect this dear lady’s wish for anonymity but it must be said that she is such a gift to our lovely block and we all look forward to her holiday magic. She gives it purely as her gift of love but she is a wonderful presence at all the other times of the year and we are so blessed to have her in our midst!!

      • Jodi says:

        I spoke to this lovely woman the other day as she was doing part of this! She’s an absolute delight, gracious and kind and humble. I can’t help but get “in the spirit” every time I stroll along this block!

    12. Frank says:

      Adds a nice personal and caring touch and brightens the

    13. Janice says:

      Lifts my spirits more with each passing tree! Beautiful!

    14. Noemie says:

      Guys. It happens every year. I live on that street.