Kosher Grocery Store to Close After Parent Company’s Bankruptcy

By Carol Tannenhauser

Seasons Kosher market on Amsterdam between 92nd and 93rd Streets is closing later this month, and it’s now selling most of its merchandise for 50% off.

Parent company Seasons Kosher Supermarkets, which had eight stores in New York, New Jersey, and Maryland, including this one Manhattan location, filed for bankruptcy back in September. “Investors bought the other stores,” a manager told us, “but not us.” They are closing on December 28th. The sign says 50% off all merchandise, excluding meat and sushi. As for the employees, “Everyone has to move on,” he said.

“It was super pricey for fresh meat but I bought other things there,” wrote our tipster Karin. “I worry it means all kosher stores and restaurants will decide to up their prices!”

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    1. Jason says:

      I shopped there frequently, and am sad to see it go, but there was always something dungy about it. Most grocery stores are well lit, clean, etc. (see Westside, stop and shop, shoprite, etc.) This was more like a gristedes. I’m sure it met standards but it never looked up to date.

    2. wombatNYC says:

      If a Kosher store can;t survive in this location then there is no hope. It’s like little Israel up there

      • UWSHebrew says:

        Disagree for these reasons: 1)Seasons had direct competition one block away, Kosher Marketplace 2)For most of the prepared/hot foods at Seasons, they were either very substandard or average. Nothing stood out as “delicious”. 3)Other kosher places in the direct area are doing very well like Sunflower Cafe and Amsterdam Burger (which is set to re-open in a beautiful space across the street from Trader Joe’s).

    3. Hulia says:

      The old UWS has lost it’s soul. For the newbies who’ve moved here from the suburbs during the last 15 years, you wont have a clue what I’m talking about.

      • Leda says:

        What a nasty comment to an article about the closing of a kosher grocery. Seems almost incongruous.

      • EricaC says:

        I’ve been here for 30+ years, and it is always changing. Sometimes better, sometimes worse.

        It is always hard when the things one cares about go away. The best way I have found to deal with that is to try to figure out why others like the new things. Sometimes I find that I come to rely things I never knew I would want.

    4. Rako says:

      Their competition was basically three-fronted:

      1) KMP – they are pricier and sell a more premiumized product (organic, antibiotic free meats)
      2) Local grocery – they were at price parity on a dollar per pound on common meats like chicken but local grocery did not have the variety of kosher goods
      3) Brooklyn specialties – Pomegranate et al had broader variety and maybe had a $0.50/lb price advantage – but even with a car a complete PITA to get to

      This is a loss that doesn’t square with the demand and alternatives. There’s a marketplace demand that won’t totally be satisfied by the three alternatives above. Hopefully someone else steps up and in.

      And this is another large format grocery now up for grabs in the UWS. When is the Amazon or Target pickup store coming in?

    5. Michal says:

      I don’t think this has anything to do with the UWS location. The parent company overextended (too many stores) and they couldn’t sustain the growth. I’m sorry they couldn’t find a way to keep the UWS store as part of the deal, but I agree with the above – Seasons filled a need (lower prices than KMP wider selection of kosher products than general grocery stores) and the need is still there.

    6. Beverly says:

      Go across the bridge to Shop Rite in Paramus. Aisles and aisles of kosher groceries, dairy, meat, fish, etc at almost half the price. And, they reimburse almost all of your tolls!!!

    7. Jenn says:

      The bankruptcy was caused by Seasons expanding too quickly, particularly in Baltimore. It is a loss to the UWS though!

    8. b says:

      we will miss you. pricey? yes. Less pricey than KMP? yes. wide selection? yes. good catering? yes. we need more sanely priced kosher supermarkets here on the UWS

    9. Iiari says:

      So, I wonder if this is the classic story of a rapidly growth chain (and they were growing fast) just taking on too much debt. I bet that particular store did just fine, but the whole enterprise just collapsed under the weight of the expansion debt.

      Happily, some other individuals Seasons stores elsewhere are being bought out and will continue to run under new names, like this one in Baltimore:

    10. Karin says:

      Yes they were cheaper than KMP which isn’t saying much. Places in Riverdale are much cheaper and will deliver to you. Same with places in queens or Brooklyn. There is definitely a need but I doubt it will be filled anytime soon.

    11. Dissident says:

      I have heard that Costco has many kosher offerings. And that the prices are low enough that even with the expense of a car service (at least for the return-trip with the goods), many will still come-out ahead.

      I join others in expressing the wish that the void left by the closing of Seasons will quickly be filled (bimheira b’yameinu b’karov). May its replacement be only better in every possible way.