We’re Honored! West Side Rag Receives Award From West Side Federation of Neighborhood & Block Associations

We’d like to thank our stylist, our publicist, Martin Scorsese and all the actors on this wonderful…

Okay we didn’t win an Oscar this year, but West Side Rag got an even more meaningful award. The site was honored on Monday night with a Community Service Award from the West Side Federation of Neighborhood & Block Associations at the federation’s annual holiday party.

We were in very rarefied company. Other honorees included Glory Ann Kerstein, known for her work in protecting affordable housing with the HDFC Coalition; Sean Grissom, president of the 20th Precinct Community Council; the late great restaurateur and community advocate Michael O’Neal; the 70th Street Block Association and Congressman Jerry Nadler. The event was held on the ground floor of the Hargrave House, an apartment building for seniors on 71st Street.

Glory Ann Kerstein (center) with Council Members Helen Rosenthal and Mark Levine.

Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer and Assembly Member Daniel O’Donnell.

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    1. Carolyn says:

      Congratulations to a well earned award! Part of the plight of those of us who are more newly arrived in the neighborhoods of the UWS, is that we don’t know much about the activity in our communities. But thanks to your publication, newcomers feel more welcome and can start participating in the flow of events that move through our neighborhoods. Thank you West Side Rag!

    2. michael says:

      Congratulations!!! Well deserved. I hope this inspires all the writers at WSR to keep up the good work. You are an asset to the community.

    3. Irena says:

      Congratulations. Well-deserved.Glad to see recognition for the work (and passion) needed to create what has become for me and many others, essential daily reading.

      The West Side Rag makes it easy for us to stay on top of relevant information (of all sorts) about what is/isn’t happening in our neighborhood.

      The West Side Rag itself is a “neighbor” indeed and a very good one at that.

      Thanks for all your hard work.

    4. EricaC says:

      Well deserved honor – congratulations!!!!

    5. Jane W says:

      Nice work, Carol!

    6. Judy says:


    7. Michael G says:

      Congrats! For me, every neighborhood “I heard that…” starts with West Side Rag.

    8. Congratulations. Well deserved. A must read neighborhood resource.

    9. Priscilla says:


    10. An award well deserved to the hard working newsworthy crew that informs our community.

    11. Juan says:

      Congratulations! Keep up the good work!

    12. Edith tyson says:

      You are the cat’s pajamas!! I feel very lucky to have a local paper like you.

    13. Eva Y. says:

      So glad that you got the recognition that you deserve!

    14. Heidi says:

      Congrats on the πŸ₯‡!

      • Lawrence Holliday says:

        This is certainly a justly earned recognition! For this displaced UWS’er I am able to keep abreast of important news that I remain interested in.
        Keep up the good work!!

    15. Olive Oyl says:

      Elated!!! Nobody covers the Upper West Side like the Rag. Next year, the Pulitzer Prize! I’m still reeling over the new Popeye’s that coming –news you won’t ever get from the NY Times, ya know.

    16. MikeDNYC says:

      Someone once said all news is local. Congratualtions to WSR for consistently delivering useful and often entertaining local nrws. I’m a 40-plus-year UWSider and yet I learn new things about our community practically daily on this site.

    17. Sam Koo says:

      Well deserved. Congratulations!
      WSR has become an essential part of my daily life.
      And my only source of neighborhood news and happenings.
      Thank you WSR!

    18. Eka says:

      I read WSR every day and I live in Glasgow, Scotland.

    19. Martha Weissberg says:

      I add my congratulations to those who’ve already responded. I love this newsletter. Not always able to explore the neighborhoods myself, I still want to know what is going on. Thanks so much.

    20. Rob says:

      Well deserved. Keep up the great work.

    21. UWS Dad says:

      Congratulations WSR! You guys are the best!

    22. tim says:

      congrats, well-deserved!

    23. Jeff says:

      The decimation of local news has been terrible for the country, happy to see this award recognize how fortunate we are to have the WSR.

    24. Sue says:

      Congratulations! Well deserved!

    25. Alison says: