Morning Bulletin: Jerry Nadler’s Challenger, Coach Gets 20 Years, A Rare Duck Delights

Photo by Stephen Harmon.

November 5, 2018 Weather: Rainy, with a high of 51 degrees.

A series of 1960’s NYC films and more local events are on our calendar.

Tuesday is Election Day and you gotta vote! Find your polling station here.

A reader is looking for witnesses: “A week ago two of my neighbors, 89-year-old Kurt and his wife Deanna, took the subway to 34th Street. As they exited the train, a man in a heartless hurry pushed them out of the way in order to board the train. Both Kurt and his wife fell, and Kurt has been in the ICU ever since, having suffered brain trauma and escalating multiple organ deterioration. He is hanging on by a thread. The person who caused this looked out of the train, saw what he had done, remained on the train and disappeared. If there are any witnesses out there who can describe the perpetrator in any way, please call the police. Kurt is a holocaust survivor, and to think that he survived Nazi-occupied Vienna but not a trip to Macy’s because of a detestable man with no conscience is horrific. Any tips would be deeply appreciated.” Email us at westsiderag at gmail if you have info.

Republican Naomi Levin is opposing Rep. Jerry Nadler in Tuesday’s election. “‘My polls showed that a majority of voters in the district prefer someone new,’ said Levin, 35,  a pro-Trump conservative Republican with no political experience, who is running for a district so blue it hasn’t elected a Republican in almost 100 years. ‘This race is winnable.'”

There are three questions on the back of Tuesday’s ballot, addressing campaign finance rules, the creation of a “civic engagement” committee,  and community board term limits. Read more about them here. The mayor is in favor of the ballot questions, which were created by a mayoral commission, but several other elected officials aren’t. We covered the term limits question here.

A basketball coach who sexually assaulted children got a 20-year sentence. “An Upper West Side basketball coach pleaded guilty Tuesday to sexually assaulting two 8-year-old girls in his after-school program last year, two days apart. Channing Parker, 23, will be sentenced to 20 years behind bars in exchange for his guilty plea for forcing a child to perform oral sex on him at the IDEAL school on W. 91st St. on March 10, 2017.” Parker was an an employee of a nonprofit that did work at the school.?

Central Park’s rare mandarin duck is making itself at home and drawing big crowds. “As of Tuesday, park officials had no intention of capturing the duck, said John McCoy, the deputy director of the Urban Park Rangers, which is part of the city’s Department of Parks and Recreation. He added that they still do not know for certain whether the duck arrived on his own or was left there by a fed-up duck owner.”

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    1. Sid says:

      Did the couple file a police report? There should be surveillance in the station, or at least it can be put together with a better description.

    2. NotImpressed says:

      Hey Naomi Levin,
      People may prefer new political leaders, but you won’t find enough who want a Trump style of new.

      Don’t quit your other job.

    3. Yankees All the Way! says:

      Naomi Levin’s campaign literature plays down her Republican-party affiliation and also fails to reveal her rooting profile in baseball. What is known is that she lived for a time in Boston. Might she be a covert Red Sox fan? Too risky to vote for her over Jerry Nadler, a proven quantity.

      • UWS_lifer says:

        Seriously, haven’t we seen this enough already with Bloomberg AND DeBlasio.

        I’m a pretty tolerant guy but there is no place in this city for Red Sox fans.:)

    4. Katie Pearlman says:

      Mandarin Duck: FYI a mandarin duck has also turned up in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada!

      • geoff says:

        are you sure you’re not thinking of Peking Duck, which appears on menues all over Vancouver? nobody there knows what their outsides look like, though.

    5. Lrahip says:

      “fed up duck owner” Where was this duck owner keeping the duck in the first place? And are we now going to see an influx of exotic ducks? Is Central Park going to become a duck dumping ground?

    6. SeekerG says:

      I spoke to Naomi Levin as she campaigned on 96th street. I found her to be totally clueless on all issues, simply repeating shallow statements she learned by heart. She’s extreme right wing on everything, from Trump to Israel and other issues. No experience in public service whatsoever, as she herself admits with a smile. Unqualified is an understatement.

    7. ScooterStan says:

      Re: …”said Levin, a pro-Trump conservative Republican with no political experience, ….‘This race is winnable.’”

      Yup, and if she really believes THAT she might be interested in buying a certain bridge!

    8. Pqdub says:

      Capture the duck?! Get him a girlfriend – lets get more of them He really is stunning looking

    9. Judy says:

      Great photo!

    10. Marie says:

      Remember to vote for Jerry Nadler on November 5. We don’t need or want any Trump stooge representing the UWS !

    11. Marie says:

      Please vote for Jerry Nadler this Tuesday November 6 , 2018

    12. Christine E says:

      According to the ebird rare bird alert, the mandarin duck left Turtle Pond, and was last spotted at The Pond and Hallett Sanctuary (SE corner of Central Park).

    13. Bruce E. Bernstein says:

      many of the right wing commenters on this site keep insisting that the community on the UWS is really with them, and against people like Nadler and Helen Rosenthal and Gale Brewer and Olive Freud.

      here’s their chance to prove it. Let’s see how Naomi Levin does at the ballot box.

      • Sherman says:

        Hi Bruce

        Every day I walk by the construction on 69th & Amsterdam and every day the tower gets taller.

        So yes, Olive Freud and her cronies have been doing s great job preventing its construction.


    14. Manhattan Mark says:

      I met Naomi the other day, listened to her tell her concept of
      what she could do in congress…. she seems not to understand the district, she is wrong on taxes, education, MTA
      reform, infrastructure, national security , and , immigrattion,as most of the other things that she said. Moving to Staten Island would help her find votes. But not in the 10th congressinal district.

    15. nyc10023 says:

      Naomi Levin, a Trump-supporting member of GOP with absolutely no political experience.

      Yea, I’m thinking we’ve had enough of that for a while.

      I remember when you were outside of TJ’s near 72nd and didn’t really offer up any good answers to questions about what you stand for and what you’ll bring to the UWS.

      But bless your heart for standing behind your guy. I’m sure Trump will lead you in a noble political future.

    16. Davie says:

      I’m a lifelong registered Democrat who will be voting tomorrow at my local UWS polling place for Naomi Levin as my Congressperson. It’s time for Jerry Nadler to retire. We need to find a new Democrat to challenge him in the next primary and win his seat. We can’t just go on re-electing him just because he’s a liberal. NYC has changed and we’re living in the past. We need change and a fresh start!

      • Honest Abe says:


      • Jen says:

        Completely agree. I’m a democrat too but am sick and tired of these professional politicians who have very little to offer the party keeps pushing on us. They still haven’t learned the lesson from pushing Hillary and instead of doing something constructive resort to things like trying to nullify the contracts with Trump organization and screaming about what Trump tweeted again. There’s horrific gun violence, disgusting subway, thugs attacking people day and night, bad schools, but the headlines are always about what Trump said. No attempt to address real issues and therefore win the votes. Shallow old slogans and demonizing thenopponent are way easier.

      • EricaC says:

        If you are a lifelong Democrat who is now voting for a Trump supporter, you have lost the thread. Nadler may not be your cup of tea, but there is a big difference between wanting “change” and affirming the current administration.

    17. NYYgirl says:

      My heart is breaking to learn of what happened to this couple at the 34th st subway station. Yes, horrific.