Creative, Contemporary, Musical and Progressive Free High Holy Day Services at East Side Synagogue


Are you unaffiliated? Have you left the synagogue because you found it boring  or irrelevant? Maybe  you never attended High Holy Day services? Whatever your situation–we may be just for you.

Our services are creative, contemporary, musical and progressive. And we have an open door policy. All we ask is that you give a donation so we can continue to keep  our doors open.

These services, now in their 35th year are geared for people who come from a Reform, Conservative, unaffiliated or “Just Jewish” background. All kinds of people and all kinds of ages come to these services. Singles of all ages, couples, families, interfaith couples, interfaith dating, Russian Jews, Israeli Jews, and so many others. We even have seekers and people who are not Jewish but who enjoy these services and are inspired by them. Our open, inclusive and welcoming attitude seeks to reach out to everyone.

These are not your grandfather’s services. If you are looking for a Orthodox or traditional service–we are not for you. If you are looking for the traditional spirit that will make your soul soar and stimulate your mind– we definitely are for you. Join us on Rosh Hashanah (9/10) and Yom Kippur (9/19).

The services are in English and Hebrew with meaningful commentary. The prayers are explained and applied to life. Instrumental music adds to the flow of the service. Men and woman sit together in this egalitarian congregation. No tickets or reservations. Complimentary light lunch after Rosh Hashanah service.

While we welcome the unaffiliated and never-been-to services, we also seek to reach those veteran worshippers whose past High Holy Day service experience was bland or boring or lacking in meaning.

This year our Rosh Hashanah service will feature renowned social activist Rev Dr William Barber and noted Jewish “kosher gospel” singer, Joshua Nelson. Both will inspire you for the year ahead.

This year Stand up for Justice and Love! Services are Rosh Hashanah (Monday, September 10th) and Yom Kippur (Wednesday, September 19th) at East Side Synagogue, 1157 Lexington Avenue (between 79 and 80th st) in NYC.

Visit us at or call 212-560-2222. for important further details.

If what is happening in the world today bothers you, join us and stand up for Tikkun Olam–fixing and healing of the world.

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