Storms Wreak Havoc on Neighborhood Trees

A storm Wednesday night knocked down some neighborhood trees, including a massive old Elm on Riverside Drive and 116th Street. The American Elm fell over into the park, as shown in the photos above and below by David Windt.

A tree also fell into parked cars on 71st Street in a storm on Tuesday night.

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    1. BillyNYC says:

      The parks department informed me this morning that tree was a 200+ year-old elm tree that fell at 116th St. Very rare elm giant tree found only in the Northeast.

      • Lunabee says:

        The forestry of the trees in Riverside park is deplorable. They do not prune trees in a timely manner. They wait until such an event happens and then cut the entire tree down. There is another rare American elm on the 101st path between Riverside Drive and riverside annex. This tree has suffered two major mishaps now. The first from a straight line wind storm several years back. More recently a huge branch came down because it was top heavy. It’s a shame that we will continueto lose the old stock.

    2. B flat says:

      Gorgeous old tree, even if it wasn’t 200+ years old.

    3. peter says:

      a sorry loss for all concerned !

    4. peter says:

      Maybe they could save the wood from the fallen tree to some cabinet makers, timber framers, barn builders…….

      • dannyboy says:

        I wish I could believe.

        But were in the New Improved NYC.

        The Cost/ Benefit Analysis rules us.

    5. Eln says:

      RIP beautiful elm.☹

    6. Chrigid says:

      When a tree is both rare and old, wouldn’t you think they’d find a way to brace it, especially when we don’t know what climate change has coming around the corner.

      If they leave the stump there, will anything grow out of it?

      • dannyboy says:

        “If they leave the stump there, will anything grow out of it?”

        Only our heartache.