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Have you ever heard the expression – muscle tissue is the most natural form of medication we have? Or what about, muscle tissue helps to maintain youthful behavior?

These statements are very accurate, and it’s amazing to think that maintaining muscle and increasing muscle can have such a profound effect on our lives.

The good news is you can build muscle at any age if you follow a couple of basic principles.

The bad news is after the age of thirty we start to lose muscle tissue and then the loss of muscle tissue accelerates once we get in to our sixth decade of life.

So – How do you increase muscle tissue you ask? Well, without getting to technical, you need to strength train twice a week, gradually increase the weight so the last couple of reps are challenging and maintain consistency.

And of course, good nutrition and recovery come in to play as well.

Muscle tissue helps us maintain our strength and overall functionality as the decade’s progress.

The benefits of maintaining our strength are too many to mention in this article, but I’ll give you a couple such as , less prone to injury, better posture, better balance, power and movement, and of course the most important, which is muscle allows us to enjoy all the things we like to do in life.

At Silver Stars, we make sure all members are progressing in a way that is appropriate for their level of fitness. We build the foundation first, which means working on the core before we lift challenging weights. We also make sure that clients are as mobile around various joints like their hips, ankles and shoulders.

The Silver Stars model will help you improve any goal such as balance, fat loss, cardio endurance or overall strength.

Private training and Boomer Boot Camp classes are very popular as we address several key components of fitness to help slow the aging process.

All classes are small groups, high energy and are fun!

See the full Silver Stars class schedule here.

We will track your progress, give you access to your coach to answer any fitness related questions, design in-home programs and offer accountability, which help accomplish goals.

We don’t just offer private training and classes; we offer a plan to get results!

If you’re serious about accomplishing a goal, we want to help you!

When you’re ready… – here are four ways we can help you achieve your goals.

1. Book your free consultation- This is a 45 minute comprehensive meeting to discuss goals, activity level, medical and orthopedic concerns. We will also look at your posture, balance, mobility and overall strength.

2. Enroll in our personal training program- After the consultation; we will design a program that makes most sense for your goals and health profile. All programs are designed to gradually challenge you to accomplish your specific goal.

3. Sign-up for SMALL group training- Small group training is a class of three to seven people. The small class size allows us to offer personalized attention so everyone is working at their own ability. Classes are high energy and friendly competition helps to keep everyone focused on accomplishing their goal.

4. Get a free copy of my award-winning book- Fitness For Real Life- The 8 Keys to a Strong, Powerful And Youthful Body! This book teaches you how to design a fitness program and incorporated key components that will help to slow the aging process to a crawl.

Dedicated to your health and improved Fitness,

Jason Greenspan
CEO/Founder/Published Author
Silver Stars Fitness Inc.

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