Photo of the Day: Not So Easy Rider

This cello was strapped to a chopper at 84th Street and West End Avenue on Tuesday.

It epitomizes the artistic brilliance, casual coolness, and remarkable balance of the Upper West Side, or maybe just shows how safe the neighborhood is these days. Thirty years ago that cello would have been swiped and disassembled in 5 minutes!

Thanks to Heidi Stubner for the photo.

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    1. Carlos says:

      Best block in NYC (despite its hopefully solved mosquito problem)!

    2. geoff says:

      sure, but thirty years ago it might have contained a cello

    3. Cindy (Cyn) Icke says:

      Re: “Thirty years ago that cello would have been swiped and disassembled in 5 minutes!”

      Trigger-Warning: Die-hard UWS Nostalgia-ists should read no further!

      NOT ONLY the Cello, but the ENTIRE BIKE would be gone…and somebody would hang-out waiting to relieve the frantic owner of his wallet!!

      Nostalgia: (n) see “Selective Memory”

    4. Mitch says:

      Thirty years ago the chopper would be gone too.

    5. Karen says:

      Amazing that someone had the chutzpa to leave this on a bike anywhere in NYC!!

    6. Carolyn Benbow-Ross says:

      You guys do amazing work. Love the description of the Wesr Side but also enjoyed the West Side 30 years ago.ide

    7. Mark says:

      Somewhat reminiscent of an Arlo Guthrie song:

    8. Albert says:

      Not to quibble, Jane, but it’s Edgar Allan (not Allen) Poe.

    9. Wendy says:

      I’ve some stories @ some other Cellos. I don’t like LOUD motorcycles in : [Central Harlem] – Manhattan; duh South Bronx . There were some lovely Christian motorcyclists in another town & State. Just read a bit @ goat carts. Is that Sidewalk repaired ? Is there a chain on that Fire Hydrant ? How many illegal aliens in UWS ?

    10. P.J. says:

      This photo really does sum up everything I love about the UWS. Artistic, interesting…and safe (now). Thank you for sharing this.

    11. Leslie Rupert says:

      Only on the West Side would you ever see this. It’s wonderful