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Stressed, anyone? Whether it’s work, responsibilities, relationships, or the same old nonsense, stress is toxic! Sure, you’d love to motivate yourself to take up a meditation practice, yoga class or some other endeavor that promises an effective retreat from the weight of daily pressures, but who has the time? Running to the beat of a constant “to do” list in life puts us in a state where our brains are constantly churning in thought like a mouse on a hamster wheel…

If you are overwhelmed by your to do list, your job, or other things that do not truly serve you to be freaked by, why not take a deep breath? If you stop, focus, and take a deep and cleansing breath, your eyesight get’s clearer and colors are brighter… we see more beauty. Experts are increasingly recognizing the value in, and recommending, breathing exercises to relieve stress and to reap the benefits of deep, life changing physical rewards. Breathing exercises create positive changes that help improve conditions as severe as asthma, depression, and heart issues.

Breathing exercises improve lung function by “stretching” airway tissue and inducing the release of a “protective chemical” known to maintain airway integrity. Deep breathing also shifts the body out of sympathetic nervous system control and into a parasympathetic mode, which is a healthier, calmer state of existence. An ongoing practice of reducing stress through breathing preserves the immune system, keeps blood pressure low, keeps the heart rate in check and leaves us more centered and healthy. Breathe That In!

To begin a practice of breathing for your health, where you will be able to recognize changes in your overall well-being, take a week and do the following:

  1. Find a quiet place where you can lie down on you back in a comfortable position and put your hands on your chest and stomach.
Inhale through your nose slowly, filling your abdomen so that your belly rises and reaches away from the spine.
  3. Hold the breath for a second or two and then exhale through your mouth with your jaw slightly hanging down just enough so that your lips are slightly open.
  4. Exhale slowly, taking nearly twice as long to release the breath out.
  5. You can repeat in your mind, “I’m inhaling 2, 3, 4”, then pause at the top of the breath”, “I’m exhaling 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8” pause at the bottom of the breath and begin again. You can Increase your number count as the power of your breath strengthens, as long as your entire body stays soft and relaxed)
  6. Focus on your breath until you feel your stomach rise and fall more dramatically than your chest with each inhalation and exhalation.
  7. Do 4-8 breath cycles upon waking up in the morning, midday and before bed everyday for a week… you will experience the benefits.

Let it be soft and organic, without trying too hard. Simply lay yourself down and breathe. Breath work has the ability to make you calmer in your life, forever changing the quality of your physical, spiritual and mental well-being forever.

Below Are Some Of The Benefits of Deep Breathing:

– Increases vital energy of self-healing and detoxifying
– Accelerates regeneration of tissues
– Speeds recovery from trauma, illness and disease

– Aids in relief of respiratory difficulties
– Opens up the chest to make breathing easier and fuller
– Maintains body balance and expels CO2


– Improves blood circulation and relieves congestion
– Increases flow of oxygen to organs
– Eases the strain on the heart by increasing oxygen flow to the heart

– Calms chronic anxiety
– Healthfully stimulates the nervous system when fatigue is present

– Proper diaphragmatic action massages the internal organs, significantly aiding their function
– Calms emotions that affect the parasympathetic nervous system including rest, digestion & healing

– Increases depth and continuity of lymphatic fluid circulation
– Helps speed recovery after major illnesses

– Connects your mind and body
– Improves coordination and grace and self-awareness

– Releases and reduces muscular tension that causes structural problems
– Helps increase flexibility and strength of joints

– Reduces wrinkles due to improved circulation and blood oxygen flow
– Results in radiant skin at any age

Improves mental concentration and observation
– Lowers stress levels creating more clarity

Stimulates a greater learning capacity

– Produces profound relaxation and inner peace
– Strengthens coping skills

– Heightens intuition
– Balances energy systems

– Regulates intensity of orgasm
– High relaxation levels and self-love bring more desire

Susan Rappaport is the founder of NuYu Revolution. NuYu is a thoughtful and compassionate exercise studio designed to build solid foundations for a healthy, ongoing relationship with fitness. Organic growth, realistic goals and easefulness keep members committed. The class-only experiences educate students in correct posture, alignment and breathing above intensity, preserving the musculoskeletal system. Offerings include Yoga, Mat Pilates, Posture Cycle®, Cardio, and Mindful Strengthening at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.

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