Silver Stars Fitness: Over 50 And Want To Improve Your Tennis Game And Get Fit Too? Meet our Certified Tennis Pro and Fit Professional!


By Jason Greenspan

If you’re over 50 and want to improve your tennis game and get fit for life, then we have a program for you.

Our new tennis/fit program is based upon our presentation at the WESTSIDE TENNIS CLUB in Forest Hills. The program is conducted once or twice per week, and includes 45 minute sessions which can be either private or in a small group setting. You will receive an in-home program, in addition to access to your coach via email or text to help answer any of your tennis/fitness related questions and access to our private FB group.

The program will focus on improving mechanics of the serve, forehand, backhand and volleys. We will also discuss various strategies that are best to suit your style of play. All sessions are done at our studio.

The fitness aspect of the program will address all the important components that will help improve your game and decrease the risk of injury.

You will train like the pros as you will work on speed, agility, quickness, core stability, upper/lower body strength, Power, balance, flexibility and mobility and various exercises will be introduced to help avoid injury.

Tennis requires balance and stability around joints to protect us from injury. As we get older, speed, agility and quickness or reaction time are also important, not just to move better on the tennis court, but to move more efficiently in life. And of course, core and overall strength will help your tennis game, but also help in other parts of life.

Most common mistakes that the recreational tennis player makes are leading with the elbow on the one-handed backhand or swinging across their body or rolling over the ball on the forehand, instead of swinging towards their intended target. And another error on the forehand or two-handed backhand is just using your arm as opposed to using the hips and shoulders to move the racquet forward. This common error can not only cause you to lose power and accuracy, but put a lot of stress on the forearms and shoulders.

A simple, yet effective way to help with the most common forehand mistake of swinging across or rolling over the ball is to pretend you’re hitting through six balls in a row or a straight line. This helps to make you swing towards your target, improving accuracy, height, depth and power. You could also catch your racquet out in front to prevent swinging across or rolling over the ball.

See the full Silver Stars class schedule here.

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Jason Greenspan is a certified USPTR/USPTA tennis pro and NASM/ACE certified trainer with over 25 years experience teaching tennis and personal training. He is the published author of the award-winning book- Fitness For Real Life and has been seen on CBS with Dr. Max Gomez and NY1. Jason has also been featured in Men’s Fitness, Shape Magazine, Epoch Times, NY Post and The Washington Post. He has presented at the Westside Tennis Club in Forest Hills, and many health and fitness expos throughout the country.

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