Openings & Closings: 8th Hill, Frankie and Matt Hamburgers, Imagine Swimming, Citibank, Key Foods

8th Hill restaurant is opening on 77th and Columbus in the former home of Isabella’s. A sign in the window promises “inspired Mediterranean cuisine.” We heard from one source that the owners also own a Turkish restaurant in New Jersey, but the owner there hasn’t gotten back to us to confirm. The website doesn’t have much info yet, but as of Saturday it said it will open in 114 days. That would mean early September. Thanks to Terry, Anita, Sarah, Bob, Anita, and Esther for the tips and photos.

A new restaurant called Frankie and Matt Hamburgers is opening on Columbus between 84th and 85th street between Gristede’s and Motorino pizzeria, according to a sign on the green construction shed around the store. Thanks to Kevin.

Imagine Swimming is taking over the swimming pool at the Paris New York at 752 West End Avenue between 96th and 97th Streets, and opening it to the public. “Imagine will manage the pool at The Paris and offer lessons there,” the Observer reported. “The swimming school will also renovate the pool, which includes building a storefront entrance with a swim shop, remodeling the locker rooms and adding seating areas. Residents of The Paris will get discounted memberships and lessons once the renovated pool reopens at the end of this year.” This appears to be the same health club that has changed ownership multiple times in the past three years.

Banco Popular is moving across the street at 96th and Columbus. Thanks to Naomi.

A Citibank on 111th Street and Broadway that burned down in a massive fire four years ago has finally reopened. And even Mr. Met showed up! Assemblyman Daniel O’Donnell (next to Mr. Met) has been working with the bank to get it back. Thanks to Maryellen.

The Associated supermarket on Amsterdam and 97th is now a Key Foods. Let us know if the prices and offerings are different. Thanks to Flash.

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    1. Bob Neuman says:

      Nothing much has changed at the new Key Food –no change in staff, no remodeling BUT the prices are much better. Where else can you buy Not-from-Concentrate OJ at $1.99 for 59 ounces this week. Can’t beat that!

    2. Janet Wasserman says:

      I’ve been shopping at Key Food since the name change. It seems that the owners of the Associated store are the owners of the renamed supermarket. They are now part of the Key Food chain. While they’ve added shelving and more products, the prices are the same. The products are basically in the same place as they were in the Associated but with Key Food shelf labels, Key Food signage and some Key Food-named products. As items with the Associated label are left on the shelves to be bought, they are all at the same price as their Key Food replacements.

      The weekly fliers are still in the same holders and the store owners have retained its policy of a Wednesday 5% discount to Seniors for a purchase of $20 or more.

      I surmise that the owners saw some advantage to leaving the Associated name and joining the Key Food chain. Now that Trader Joe’s has opened not too far distant from Key Food we’ll have to see what impact the competition has. The Associated offered many kosher, Spanish and Asian food specialties, many imported. I haven’t checked the shelves for them since I don’t usually buy those food products. However, those food specialties did attract shoppers in a niche market who wouldn’t find them in a general supermarket elsewhere on the UWS. I doubt that TJ’s has them.

      • dannyboy says:

        I do know that the Associated store was independently owned. The owners were often around to take (and actually fulfill) requests.

        When I met the Key Food management (4 young men) all they offered was that they are Staten Island based. I saw the potential for some changes from Associated.

        Besides having Latin, Asian, and other imports, there was a real culture in the store. I felt that the staff ran the day-to-day. Very well.

        As the man serving deli said: “We shall see.”

    3. Diane says:

      Promises, promises with the former Paris Health Club pool. I live next door and so miss the convenience of going there.

    4. it seems Dig Inn is going into the former Nick and Toni’s location on 67th St between Columbus and Broadway.

    5. dannyboy says:

      “The Associated supermarket on Amsterdam and 97th is now a Key Foods. Let us know if the prices and offerings are different.”


      No Fiuggi water, no rough cut Roland Demerara cane sugar. If they discontinue Pepito Canela Mexicana Entera, my coffee will suffer a hit.

    6. ljg456 says:

      I went to the Associated to get my Colombian brand of raw sugar. It’s gone. However, the sale prices at Key Food on 86th and Amsterdam are generally very good, with frequent deals on juice, dairy, chicken, pork, and fresh produce. Give it a chance.

    7. Lynn says:

      I live in the neighborhood of the Citibank, and they have been a really terrible neighbor. What took 4 years and 4 months?

    8. Tom says:

      Looks like some activity at the old Gracious Home on Broadway. Windows have new paper covering and work permits posted.

    9. Julia says:

      I got all sorts of basics at Associated. Hope Key Food will continue my tradition of the final bill being less than I anticipated.

    10. Mark Moore says:

      Key Food requires a loyalty card for the sale prices. Associated didn’t.

      I had high hopes for the corner at 96th and Columbus but it became apparent last week ago they were just relocating the back from across the street – a spot that will probably stay vacant now for a few years.

    11. UpperWestSider says:

      Frankie and Matts appears to be owned by Mathieu Palombino of next door restaurant Motorino.