Openings & Closings: Dive 106, Deciem, 2Beans, Central Park Boathouse

Dive 106 opened this week on Amsterdam between 106th & 107th streets, the former home of Amsterdam Tavern. It’s part of the family of bars that includes Dive Bar, Dive 75, and Broadway Dive, from owner Lee Seinfeld. He calls it a “neighborhood bar with a pub style menu.” Thanks to Paige for the tip.

Deciem, which calls itself the “Abnormal Beauty Company”, just opened at 194 Columbus Avenue, at 69th street. “It’s a skin care company focused on being just stripped down ingredients for an excellent price,” writes Nicole. The website is here.

2Beans, the chocolate and coffee bar at 461 Amsterdam Avenue (82nd-83rd), closed suddenly with a note on the door. Thanks to Michelle B for the tip.

A new barber shop called The Barbers on Amsterdam just opened between 67th and 68th next door to the UPS Store. Thanks to Dorothy for the tip.

The Central Park Boathouse reopens Saturday after closing for three months for a major renovation, and it now has more seats. “Furniture, finishes and lighting are new, as are the muted colors chosen to make the venue better fit in with its surroundings.Customers will find a Boathouse that’s airier and more contemporary than its last iteration. The makeover also includes improved sight lines and a buzzier mood from raising the number of seats in the main dining room from 160 to 185. Some 30 new high-top seats offer full lake views from an intermediate level between the dining room floor and the bar,” the Post reports.

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    1. Sherman says:

      That barbershop on Amsterdam Ave has been open for several months already.

      It shouldn’t be reported as “just opened”.

      • Cato says:

        So why didn’t you send WSR a timely tip when you saw that it had opened, instead of complaining about someone else who did later?

    2. Steen says:

      Pretty excited about Deciem. I had the opportunity to try some of their products and was very happy with the results. much, much better than the perfumed, additive-filled creams that Sephora sells.

    3. Mike says:

      One could argue the neighborhood already has plenty of abnormal beauty.

    4. Gene says:

      Lee’s dive bars are an institution on the Upper West side, another is welcome.

      • Tom D. says:

        Or not. I used to habituate Broadway Dive, but over time it became intolerable as they kept shoving more beer coolers into the join. Fewer places to actually sit, intolerable generator noise, regularly jostled by someone trying to make their through the narrow space the res room (with the sticky door that was never fixed), etc. Finally quit the joint after nearly getting hit in the head when someone dropped a glass from the cheap “VIP lounge” construction.

    5. Pedestrian says:

      I’ll miss 2 Beans. Great coffe and great staff!

      • Mark says:

        Agreed. I enjoyed the large windows and the quieter space, though the latter probably also contributed to their closing.

    6. jeffrey goldberg says:

      Big Nicks just reopened on 71st and Columbus

      • Kathleen says:

        I wouldn’t patronize Big Nick’s ever again. They closed because they were found guilty of violating employees rights by underpaying and forcing to work overtime without pay. The decision was for more than $2 million. They have apparently been sued several other times over the past few years and settled out of court. I hope the employees actually receive the back pay they were awarded. Plenty of other places to eat.

        • jeffrey goldberg says:

          Actually when I looked inside I was surprised to see the same staff at Big Nicks.

    7. Dinah Day says:

      Does this Barbershop cut women’s hair?

    8. BillyNYC says:

      Amway have like the Boat House on the lake…(Winter/Spring/Summer/Fall)

    9. OhHonestly says:

      I wouldn’t rely on Deciem to stick around for long. It’s owner/founder is in the middle of a prolonged nervous breakdown via social media.

    10. Liz says:

      I am so excited that the UWS is getting a Deciem. I use a lot of their skincare products and find them to be well-formulated and highly effective. All of that at a bargain price if you can believe it!

    11. dannyboy says:

      “a buzzier mood from raising the number of seats in the main dining room from 160 to 185.”

      Translation: louder because it’s more crowded now.

    12. steve lillienstein says:

      Big fan of the 96th and Amsterdam Dive Bar. Glad to see a new one opening on 106th. Just noticed that the owner is Lee Seinfeld. Any relation to Jerry?

    13. Jon says:

      Dive Bar family is the best on the upper upper West Sode. Great news! Good at the 96th st spot is awesome -especially for vegetarians.

    14. NYYgirl says:

      Does anyone know what happened to the now-closed UPS Store on Bway bet 105th & 106th? It was usually pretty crowded when I was in there.

    15. Vjb says:

      Anybody know what’s going on at barley & grain. 80th and amst. The exterior sign has been removed and the restaurant homepage redirects to le421 a Mediterranean restaurant. Is it just a rebrand by the same owners? I think they also own tangled vine?
      My 2 cents of editorializing is that B&G never seemed full compared to most other restaurants in that ~2 block area.

      • Tim says:

        The owner is back from Israel now. He is soliciting offers to take over the place, but his asking price (key money) is north of $500k! (He declined that offer recently) Supposedly he’s going to rename it “Upper West” and change it up some soon.

    16. scott says:

      Big Nick’s is back??? This is great news if true. Hopefully most of the old staff is gone, but the same great pizza remains.

    17. David says:

      Went into Deciem today on Columbus with my well behaved dog and was told dogs aren’t allowed in the store. Terrible introduction to the brand. We left immediately and went to my trusted and friendly Kiehls a block away and spent $225.

      • geoff says:

        i’m glad to read that some stores are enforcing no-dog policies.

        there is no place in a store, especially a store selling food or personal use items, for dogs.

        i’ve even seen dogs sitting on sidewalk café tables!

        that’s just plain thoughtless and unsanitary.

        behaviour has little/nothing to do with it.

        • Tim says:

          Agree agree agree! I’ll patronize Deciem now, as I respect any establishment that enforces the law! People who feel entitled need to be put in their place!

      • patrick says:

        Glad I won’t have to smell your dog’s farts in that store or worry that it will relieve itself on my leg.

    18. LesleyB says:

      Went to the Boathouse for brunch on Saturday. Coincidence – had no idea it had been closed. The food was excellent, which was a surprise because it was mediocre at best in the past. And the wait was about an hour – not much change there, well maybe a bit better. They’ve expanded seating for the adjacent snack bar so that probably helps.

      • dannyboy says:

        “And the wait was about an hour – not much change there, well maybe a bit better.”

        Wait until people realize that they’ve reopened, and the weather WARMS UP.

    19. Cathy says:

      No idea why it wasn’t until last week it that I saw the answer to the question i posted numerous times about th Scandinavian restaurant on West 72nd Street. Pallsons. So grateful to all of you who responded. Belated, but many, many thanks!!!

    20. Christine says:

      What’s up with the STARBUCKS at Broadway between 110/111th? It’s in the process of being gutted. Closed for good or just renovating? Thanks!

    21. bagels says:

      The Muffins Café on Columbus and 70th was just abruptly closed down by the Health Department. Gross and sad.

      • Cato says:

        “Gross and sad.”

        That’s probably why the Health Department closed them down.