Photos: The Harlem Meer and Conservatory Garden in Late Winter

By Mildred Alpern

At Harlem Meer and the adjacent Central Park Conservatory Garden, the farthest northeast corner of the Upper West Side, there are early hints of spring. The buds of the star magnolia are swelling. A pink blush radiates from the newly trimmed spirea bushes. Late afternoon shadows indicate the lengthening day as winter nears its end. A young boy on the lake bank pierces the melting ice with a branch. The ornamental plume grasses, beautiful all year round, draw admiring visitors. Spring cannot be far behind.


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    1. Lois says:

      Thank you, Mildred, for your photographs and poetry.

    2. Charlene says:

      I love these spaces and these pix are great!

    3. Ronnie Tuft says:

      Thank you Mildred for those beautiful pictures. I’d like to visit this park. Where exactly is the opening to it?

    4. ScooterStan says:

      Central Park’s Conservatory Garden is always a delightful place, full of all sorts of wonderful flowering plants and shrubs.

      Thanks to the wonderful work of the Central Park Conservancy (CPC), which (according to Wikipedia:

      “is a private, nonprofit organization that manages Central Park under a contract with the City of New York and NYC Parks.
      Since its founding in 1980 … the Conservancy has invested more than $800 million toward the restoration and enhancement of Central Park ….”

      The CPC could NOT function without donations. Those who love “Our Park” can say thanx by donating and/or volunteering.

      CPC website is

    5. ksf says:

      lovely photos to remind us that a real spring may be springing soon…after this totally wierd “winter”