Openings & Closings: Viand Cafe, Amigos, Kenny Styling, Chickn’Cone

Viand Cafe, a branch of the original cafe on 75th and Broadway, has opened at 85th and Columbus Avenue. “They have a smaller and different menu than the Beacon location, with some of the old favorites (turkey dinner with all the trimmings, yum) and some new items too,” wrote Christine, who went on one of the first nights and was given a free glass of wine. “The challah french toast looked divine and I can’t wait to try that next. The dinner menu is attached but I am not sure if that is permanent.” She sent images of the menu here and here. Check out the manwich burger with chili and cheddar if you’re man(wich) enough. Thanks to Paul G. for the photo above and tips and photos from Kevin and Judy.

Amigos on Broadway between 112th and 113th has closed with an “Adios Amigos” notice on its website, leading to anguished cries from the Columbia community. The owner’s brother opened Zen Taco at 522 Columbus Avenue a couple of months ago and he’s directing people there. Thanks to Pietro for the photo.

Kenny Styling opened at 529 Amsterdam Avenue between 85th and 86th. It’s a full service hair salon that also offers manicures, pedicures, waxing and massage, writes Lynn, who took the photo above.

Chick’nCone, a food phenomenon where you eat your chicken in a waffle cone, has opened in the Turnstyle mall under the Columbus Circle subway. “Although you could call it a birdbrained bastardization of a classic, it’s a tasty one,” the Post says.

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    1. Former CU says:

      In the 8 years I’ve been in the UWS area, the Amigos space has been a revolving door of restaurants. It always ends up as some type of bar for Columbia kids.

    2. UWSmaven says:

      Viand looks ridiculously expensive. $17 for Reuben sandwich? $11 for a BLT? Maybe they can get away with that near the Beacon and near a hotel, but that’s outrageous. I will be avoiding. Makes Jackson Home look reasonable.

      • Serge Rubinstein says:

        sure their prices are ridiculously expensive but so is their rent. If you can’t afford to live in Manhattan move to West Virginia.

      • Mark says:

        Agree on the Viand prices. I avoid the Beacon location too also because it’s overpriced.
        Utopia is just as good, has better prices, and is a far friendlier experience.

        • UWSEd says:

          Just had lunch at Utopia. Well, a friend and I TRIED to have lunch at Utopia. We went in, and after tasting our food, we left without eating. How can a diner screw up a meatloaf sandwich? I doubt I’ll be back at Utopia any time soon.

      • Christine E says:

        So don’t get the Ruben or the BLT. Viand has a variety of items and price points. The burgers, for example, are comparable in price to nearby Fred’s, and are less than Jackson Hole’s, when you factor in the comparable options (Viand includes fries).

        Let’s be happy that we have a local business going in versus a chain (or nothing at all). If you want to support local business, and want a great meal, I encourage you to dine at Viand.

        • Woody says:

          What is behind everyone’s fascination with a ‘local business’? Just because it’s not a chain store, the owners don’t necessarily live in the neighborhood or even NYC where they would also spend their earnings and keep the money circulating here. Same goes for employees – chain store or not, any business employs people who just might be local.

          • BJ says:

            Whether or not they live in the city, the profits of a small business are more likely to get distributed back into the tristate economy vs. back to a corporate shareholder. This is how wealth is distributed to decrease social inequality. The key is that any small business is more likely to inject money into the economy. My parents have run a small shoe store in Queens. With their money they sent four kids to college and grad school, bought a home, and employed dozens of people over those 40 years. My parents survived and outlasted the arrival and closer of both a PayLess and a FootLocker in their strip mall. They survived because the local community kept going back to them. My parents now serve the kids of the kids who were customers in the 70s and 80s. My parents are 75 and 73 and still work about 80 hrs a week at their store. After 40 years they plan to close the store this fall and (finally) retire. All us kids chose professionals paths that are easier. We are happy they are retiring but their Queens community will lose an anchor.

      • Elizabeth says:

        really ridiculously expensive?? tell me anywhere in NYC where you can enjoy a meal close to homemade and pay less!!!

        especially that is clean and any place you would even want to eat at!

        good luck!
        viand is top notch!

    3. Sailingsam says:

      My favorite diner is on Broadway and 95th Street, Manhattan Diner.

    4. Jan says:

      Ah….. but the pancakes with maple syrup!
      I’d pay anything for those. Delicious
      Is the Beacon location closed and now it’s
      Just 84th street??

      • Amanda says:

        no it there other location 85th and Columbus is diner/bar and 75th and Broadway the original viand – still there!

        the only diner’s i go to in NYC!!

    5. Rachel says:

      Kenny Styling has actually taken over the previous owner’s salon in the same space. I have gone there for years and love the friendly professional atmosphere where the stylists know what they are doing without the snarky attitude of other places. They are full-service – doing your real hair or your wig.

    6. Margaret says:

      Viand is the BEST, in my view! Seeing their name in a headline with the word closing nearly gave me a heart attack. Adore this spot, and its awesome they’re expanding. I wish them luck and success at 85th Street.

    7. Sean says:

      It isn’t the Bagel Nosh.

      • Ethan says:

        Bagel Nosh, mmmmmm! Got me through Juilliard in the late ’70s. All kinds of strange characters hanging out there late at night, when we’d show up high as a kite and needing to satisfy our intense munchies.

    8. Kenneth says:

      You are living in another world! Restaurant sandwiches don’t cost $5 anymore, anywhere.
      Enjoy a pb&j at home!

    9. The Viand is a FANTASTIC place and great food

    10. sam says:

      I’m always fascinated by the folks who expect restaurants to afford 2018 rents and to pay their employees a decent wage, yet complain when they dare to charge anything over 1982 prices for their food.

      The prices at Viand appear to be right in line with what most mid-range restaurants are charging these days. With a pretty nice range of relatively affordable options (appetizers and sides from under $10!). I’ll have to take a trip up there for a meal.

    11. wendy blank says:

      Kenny Styling has excellent stylist who cuts layers expertly. Difficult to find a good layering person. Ask for Kira

    12. Sonia says:

      So sorry to see Amigos gone, though it is true there have been a long series of restaurants in that space, and I missed the one before Amigos as much as I will miss Amigos’ fish tacos. Will now have to walk four blocks in the other direction for my Mexican fix.

    13. Michael says:

      I miss Soup Stop.

    14. B.B. says:

      Suppose chicken in a waffle cone is a less messy way of eating chicken and waffles.

      It also makes what would otherwise be a sit down meal more portable, which seems be the trend nowadays.

    15. Anon says:

      “you can now fulfill your dream of eating chicken inside a waffle”

      My ultimate fantasy indeed! How did you ever know?

    16. UWSsurfer says:

      Viand’s turkey sandwich is exactly like the ons my mother
      used to make for us after Thanksgiving. It is delicious.

      The most prominent thing about Utopia is the taste
      of their cooking oil that dominates every dish that I’ve tried. I don’t like their food.

      The best chicken salad sandwich can be found at Gigi’s Cafe (Broadway at W. 71st).

    17. Maria says:

      Viand is a good thing for the UWS. We had that dirty diner that still remains vacant on 86th. Iam sick of bagel stores. This is a good option. Also, Zen Taco is disgusting. Viand is a solid.

    18. lynn says:

      I haven’t seen any mention of Artie’s. Does anyone know what’s going in that spot?

    19. UWS Mom says:

      I miss Maryanne’s which used to be where Big Daddy’s was… best Mexican in my opinion. Amigos was like dog food towards the end and the service went way down hill this past summer not to mention our waitress gave herself a nice tip in our CC. Thankfully the manager refunded us money. Not so sorry to see that place go.

    20. Steven says:

      The menu at Viand does seem a bit overpriced.

    21. Steve says:

      The BEST diner on the UWS is Cafe 82. Friendly staff & decent prices. Delivery is usually pretty fast. Plus, they’re open daily till 1am & deliver till then as well.