Morning Bulletin: Burger Restaurant’s Big Loss in Court, Estate Robbed, Dog Left in Cab

Photo by Robyn Roth-Moise.

November 27, 2017 Weather: Sunny, with a high of 53 degrees.

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Big Nick’s on 71st was hit with a $2 million judgment
after losing a federal case. “The verdict resulted from a lawsuit filed by six employees in September 2016, alleging the owners of Big Nick’s Burger Joint and Pizza Joint Too on West 71st Street had forced employees to work, at times, six days and more than 80 hours a week without overtime pay. The complaint alleged employees were paid a flat salary that at times equaled just $5.83 an hour, well under the city’s minimum wage.” This Big Nick’s is not connected to the Big Nick’s that closed on Broadway.

Someone apparently robbed the estate of a recently deceased 87-year-old Upper West Sider, sparking an investigation. “Anne Minosion died at 87 in March 2016 and was buried in a potter’s field on Hart Island after no family members claimed her body from the morgue. She never married and had no children — but she had plenty of cash and owned a cooperative apartment on West End Ave.”

State Sen. Brian Benjamin, who represents the UWS and other areas, is spearheading a bill to change laws governing rent-regulated apartments. “The bill, S6925, was introduced in the New York State Assembly (A268) by Assemblymember Linda Rosenthal, creates a parity between maximum rent increases in rent controlled and rent stabilized apartments, doing away with the current formula.”

An Upper West Side woman mistakenly left her dog in a cab on the way to Port Authority. “By the time Brooks got in touch with the shelter, her pooch had already been given a new name — Pumpkin — and was available online for adoption, she said.”

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    1. lynn says:

      In regard to Anne Minosion (RIP). If she had money and owned a co op then why didn’t someone on the board make sure she had a decent burial?

    2. Lulu says:

      How do you “ mistakenly leave “ your dog in a cab? Bet she never forgets to leave her Chanel purse.

    3. DogMama says:

      The UWS woman who “mistakenly left her dog in a cab should not be a dog owner. No excuse for this. Outrageous. The dog deserves a lot better.

    4. NPK says:

      How on earth do you forget your dog? You can forget a bag, your phone, anything but your pet???!!?!?! The ASPCA should look into this and into her fitness as a pet owner!

    5. Allison says:

      How do you leave your dog in a cab?! A bad on that cab driver for pulling away as fast as he could.

      But bad on the owner for not already having her pup spayed. Ugh.

    6. sputnikki says:

      WSR’s story on the dog in the cab is short on detail but if you read the link provided you’ll find a good deed done by a cabbie. Nice!

    7. Ish Kabibble says:

      Were pooch and irresponsible owner reunited?

    8. Stephanie Reit says:

      2 of these 3 stories are incomplete. What do you mean by someone ‘robbed the estate” of an 87yo women? Who? Why was she buried in a potters grave if she had money?

      And what happened to ‘Pumpkin? Did the owner get her dog back?

    9. DIANA says:

      …showed up to the Manhattan Animal Care Center to fetch her dog Friday — and was told she couldn’t take her home until the pooch was spayed. !!!!
      Dogs who aren’t spayed live (all and all) longer healthier lives. Outrageous & criminal that she couldn’t get her dog back unless she (paid them) to spay!!!

      • JeffS says:

        If she told them she hoped to make her dog a show dog, they might have left the animal alone. The AKC rules are that in order to compete, dogs must not have been altered.

      • Elizabeth M. says:

        Diana you are way off the mark. It’s exactly the opposite; dogs that are spayed or neutered live longer & healthier lives.
        They avoid testicular cancer and uterine cancers.
        Not to mention more litters of puppies that end up in shelters. Not to mention how someone can leave their dog in a cab. I have a dog and I can’t imagine leaving her behind in a cab. Totally irresponsible.

      • shari says:

        actually… dogs live longer healthier lives when they ARE spayed… less chance of getting ovarian cancer or other kinds of cancer. “According to the Humane Society report, neutered male dogs live 18% longer than un-neutered male dogs and spayed female dogs live 23% longer than unspayed female dogs”

    10. Claudia says:

      Your stories never finish.. did she get the dog back? What happened w apt and belongings??

      • West Sider says:

        There are links to the original stories in the article. People should click through if they want all of the details.

    11. David Morris says:

      Why didn’t the headline read, “employees win well-deserved victory?” That’s what it’s really about, the victory of employees who are routinely ripped off by their email Moyer. CONGRATULATIONS!! GOOD WORK!!

    12. JeffS says:

      What a lovely photograph of the bow bridge at the golden hour. A classic image. Hats off to the photographer.

    13. Marcy says:

      Norma Schreier, quoted in the article about rent stabilization, told the New York Times in 2015 that her rent is “more than $2600.” She lives on the 9th floor of a fancy co-op on Central Park West, where the maintenance alone on 3-bedroom apartments like hers is more than her rent. The apartment would sell for more than 2 million dollars. I am sorry, truly, that she is having a hard time paying her rent, but don’t understand why the rest of us have to pay so much and she pays so little and still complains. I had to move to Queens in order to live in an apartment of that size, not so nice, not across from the park, and not in such a fancy building. And I still pay about 3 times in rent what she pays. (Forgot about owning the apartment.) Meanwhile, the person who owns her apartment loses vast amounts of money every month. For every one in her position, there are tens of thousands of the rest of us.

      • Minx says:

        Exactly. I understand that many people have lived in their apartments for decades and I sympathize with their money woes, but low rents on these apartments hurt everyone else in the building/owners – in my own building we have at least two rent controlled tenants paying less than $600/month for a 1,500 sq ft 3 bedroom, which doesn’t even cover half of the taxes due let alone cover any maintenance. I completely understand why landlords want them out (I would too!). Call me callous, but I don’t live somewhere I can’t afford because I can’t afford it.

      • Sarah says:

        “Meanwhile, the person who owns her apartment loses vast amounts of money every month.”

        Nonsense. That person either agreed to the rent-stabilized tenancy herself or purchased the property with the knowledge of an existing rent-stabilized tenancy. *If* the landlord is operating at a loss-which I doubt–because the landlord was literally too stupid to do the very basic and obvious math, that’s not something we need to rescue the landlord from. If you can’t run the numbers on what’s needed to make money on residential real estate and you insist on investing anyway, your losses are on you.

    14. UWSHebrew says:

      Big Nick’s has 2 million? I doubt they have 100k in the bank. Meaningless verdict, the employees won’t see a dime, Big Nick’s will be declaring bankruptcy before you know it.

    15. Miriam says:

      I used to eat at Big Nick’s. The employees seemed really happy. Never got attitude from them and generally very cheerful. Goes to show you never can tell, to quote Chuck Berry.

    16. Miriam says:

      I hope those new-found nephews of the dead woman use some of that 4M to give her a decent burial.

    17. Sb says:

      Well done by the cabbie but the dog owner is horrible.. she called 311 but only waited a few minutes and then boarded bus to Binghampton anyway.. who does that? if you are that concerned about your missing dog that YOU left in the cab… you stick around… you really start searching for the cab driver.. you wait for 311 to get back to you… that women doesn’t care about her dog… good thing that the CACC didn’t give the dog back to her until it was spayed…