Silver Stars Fitness: Holiday Sale 20% Off on All Classes and Private Services; Learn the Importance of Lower Body Training


By Jason Greenspan

After the age of 50, adults typically lose about 1% of their leg strength and 0.5% of their bone mineral density every year. If this doesn’t sound serious, consider that decreased leg strength — not dementia or incontinence — is the biggest predictor of loss of independence in older adults.

At Silver Stars Fitness one of our biggest focuses is lower body training. Training the lower body is often forgotten about (especially if you’re a male) and easier to get away with when you’re in your twenties or thirties, but when you’re over 50 training the lower body is a must. It’s important to first address the real foundation, which is the foot and ankle. If the foot and ankle are weak and tight, joints like the knees and hips and even the lower back can be affected. We then work on strengthening the front and back of the thighs, the hips and buttocks.

Training the lower body will help you get up from a chair and the floor, climb steps with ease, walk or jog and even help you to put your pants on. So training the lower body will help you to maintain and increase your mobility for life.

Silver Stars Fitness is now offering 20% off all classes and private services. Silver Stars is a private fitness studio that caters and specializes in working with men and women over the age of 50 that want a higher quality of instruction and personalized attention. At Silver Stars, each client will receive a home program to help accomplish their specific goals.

Our staff of trainers and instructors are certified and experienced professionals that are specifically trained to design fitness programs for the baby boomer & beyond fitness enthusiast. We will help you improve your balance and mobility, overall strength, decrease risk for injury with our preventative training approach, improve agility or even help you excel in your favorite sport, which all contribute to improving quality of life.

At Silver Stars, we have many services including our most popular service, personal training, in addtion to private Yoga, Tai Chi, Stretching, Massage therapy and small group classes such as, 30 minute total body circuit conditioning, balance and fall prevention and Yoga classes.

Class schedule is as follows:

Monday: 30 minute circuit 6:30pm
Monday: Balance & Fall Prevention @1230
Tuesday: Yoga @1030am
Tuesday: 30 Minute Circuit @12pm
Wednesday: 30 Minute Circuit training 1030am
Thursday: 30 Minute Circuit Training 10:00am
Friday: 30 Minute Circuit training 12:30
Sunday: Yoga @12pm

Al classes are five weeks. Drop-ins are welcome per space avaiability. Space is limited as all classes have a four person maximum, except for Yoga, which has a six person maximum.

Call or email now to sign -up for class or if you’re interested in private services, book your free consultation. The consultation could be done over the phone or at our studio.

Discount valid only to first time clients. Offer valid until November 29th.

Silver Stars Fitness main location
850 7th Avenue (West 54/55 st)
PH: 646-573-9724

Affiliate Location
West 72nd Street (Between West End and Riverside Drive)
No walk-ins – hours available to train: Wed/Friday after 4pm. Weekends- 9-7 pm

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