Part of Riverside Park Bike Path Closed for Construction

A section of the Riverside Park bike path from 59th to 70th Street is closed for the next three weeks to allow for construction on Riverside Park South. Bicyclists are being redirected to the pedestrian path in the interim.

This Riverside Park project is expected to bring plazas, a play area for kids and a bike path and “bikeway,” among other amenities, to the area from 65th to 68th Street. It’s set to be completed by next August. Another section of the project will turn the area from 65th to 63rd into sports fields, and was also projected to be completed next year.

Thee bike path should reopen by November 24.

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    1. Jeff Berger says:

      what’s a “bikeway”
      about 100 pounds


      • TimK says:

        100 pounds? If they were that heavy, nobody would ride them. Duck in a bike shop and just pick one up sometime.

    2. GrumpyOldMan says:

      And what of the rest of the decaying hardscape and poorly maintained trees in the “old” Riverside Park? Riverside Park has become a landscaped highway for wheeled vehicles. No longer is this once beautiful park a venue where the elderly can walk at leisure or safely.

    3. John Charles W86 says:

      Wasn’t there a report that bicycle traffic would be re-routed and pedestrians would have exclusive right to certain parts of Hudson River path?

      • Woody says:

        When are pedestrians, runners, and cart-wheeling delivery people going to be prohibited from using the dedicated bike paths in NY?