City or Suburbs Debate on Your Mind? Join Us Saturday 11/11 for the Inside Scoop!


If you are considering a new home in New York City or you are ready to tackle the age-old debate “City or Suburbs” – this event is for YOU!

Get the inside scoop on the suburbs from those who know it best. Leaving the city-life behind is not easy. With so many fantastic towns to explore, where do you begin? We completely understand how you feel… We’ve been there too! This unique perspective is incredibly valuable to first-time buyers considering a move to the suburbs! Topics include: Neighborhood Lifestyles, Communities, Living Space, Children’s needs, Community Amenities, Commutes, Affordability, Taxes, Closing Costs and Financing Options. Kindly RSVP here:

Children welcome to attend. For a private conversation or to learn about our signature “Suburban Excursion”:

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