MIMI Japanese Restaurant Has the Sushi You’ve Been Waiting For


By Arianna Geneson

Date night, after-work drinks, and healthy food all rolled into one? Mimi restaurant, opened in 2016 in the former location of Ozu on Amsterdam near 87th Street, is that and more. Decorated simply with wooden tables, mirrors, and fine dishware (handmade and painted in Japan), Mimi offers comfort, hospitality, and elegance both in its ambiance and cuisine.

With Chef Takeda—a veteran with over 30 years of sushi experience starting back in Japan— at the helm, Mimi’s diners are in great hands. Chef Takeda utilizes fresh ingredients in an authentic but unique way creating classic and exceptional flavors.

While visiting Mimi, I had the pleasure of chatting with one of its servers, a long-time New Yorker and long-time sushi eater. When asked about Mimi’s chef, he responded: “He trained in Japan. That’s the big difference—different skills.” Elaborating on Chef Takeda’s cuisine, he said, “I started eating sushi as a kid. I was born and raised in Japan. I’ve eaten sushi all over the world. And this is different. Of course better. But special is the correct word. He has his own style.”

Some of Chef Takeda’s most interesting creations are his sauces. Every piece of sushi comes with a different sauce on top. Chef Takeda tastes each fish daily and decides what sauces to create that day. Mimi also offers a tasting menu, Omakase, which includes 6-7 courses crafted by Chef Takeda. Omakase menus vary with season and start from $80 per person.

At the end of the day, Mimi’s charm comes not only from its unique food, but also from its people and culture. When asked what makes Mimi different, a server said: “You will hear this word in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics–omotenashi—it means hospitality.” And that hospitality is what will make Mimi a neighborhood staple in the years to come.

MIMI Japanese
566 Amsterdam Avenue (between 87th and 88th Street)

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