Police Looking for Motorcyclist Who Shot at People on 104th Street

The NYPD is looking for a motorcyclist who they say shot one bullet at two people on West 104th Street on Sunday afternoon, hitting the building behind them.

We are attempting to get more information on what might have precipitated the shooting.

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    1. WombatNYC says:

      our society is broken. Who does this? what sort of mind-set must you have to think this is ok behaviour

    2. Janice says:

      Wow! That is crazy.

    3. UWSHebrew says:

      I was mocked a few months ago on here for my experience of “ducking behind a car” when shots ran out in broad daylight by the Douglass Houses. This incident is unnerving.

      • Cat says:

        It seems that you’re always being mocked for something and then reminding us about it. :/

        • UWSHebrew says:

          That’s right, I do. Truth hurts those that seek to obfuscate.

          • OriginalMark says:

            We all are UWSers.
            We all face the same risks of the neighborhood but enjoy the benefits.
            We all make a choice to live here.
            We all complain sometimes but most of us focus on what makes it great.
            You tend to whine, declare your victimhood, and emphasize your fears.
            That’s why you get the responses you receive.
            If it’s all so dangerous and bad – pull up your big boy pants and find a better place to live.

            • UWSHebrew says:

              You and others like you DO NOT live on 104th. You and others like you DO NOT face the dangers that others do who live on 104th. You and others like you enjoy the safety and calm of living BELOW 104th, likely in the 70’s and 80’s. You and others like you ARE NOT in mine and others situation, so you DO NOT GET TO preach “deal with it”.

            • Sarah says:

              *I* live in the 100s, UWSHebrew. I think you’re unnecessarily complaining, fearful, and unappreciative of your neighborhood, too.

              I know you’re dealing with a lot of self-hatred for not being able to afford to live in a “fancier” area instead of one mixed with–ahem–Those People, but please quit projecting that contempt on your neighbors.

            • Jen says:

              To @UWSHEbrew.
              Your each and every comment is about how miserable you are and how something or somebody hurt you. These two people almost got killed, yet your comment is all about you as usual. Try to start thinking not only about how to make yourself safe but rather the area being safe and stop your endless complaining. Just do something about it.

            • GG says:

              To Sarah and Jen:

              Wow! I think I am in love.:)

              That was AWESOME! You two are the embodiment of strong, intelligent New York women. None of us could have said it any better. And believe me…we have tried.

          • Effy says:

            Some of us appreciate that UWSHebrew is realistic and doesn’t live with his/her head up in the clouds pretending that the UWS is this wonderful utopia but, rather, tells it like it is. The UWS has been worse and could be better but won’t continue to at least be good enough without people like UWSHebrew.

            • UWSHebrew says:

              Thank you Effy. For some reason I cannot reply to the previous comments directly, so I will here: First @Sarah — where do you see me “complaining”? I recalled an incident in an area I live, because many readers on here are “unbelievers” of how the UWS transforms into a much-less safe place to walk and live when you cross 98th street or so, and this shooter on 104th is just the latest example of violence in this area in the last few months. I am not “projecting”, I am just stating a fact. I actually am very grateful to live in Manhattan, and this neighborhood in particular (food shopping, both parks, etc), but this continuation of sometimes lethal violence in this area leaves me frustrated and nobody seems to care. Now, @Jen, your comments regarding my comments are wildly exaggerated and inflammatory, so I will focus on your latter statement that I should “do something” about making the area safer. What should I do? Go all Charles Bronson a la “Death Wish”? Beg policemen to patrol more often? It is what it is. But to PRETEND that 104th is as lovely and safe as 84th is a total falsehood.

            • Jen says:


              Never claimed you have to pretend

              Never claimed bad things happens there.

              Just mentioned that your concerns are whiny and always about yourself. You never ever express empathy for the real victims.

              And everybody got a choice. If the area is not safe, move somewhere safer. It may not and doesn’t have to be 70s or 80s on UWS that you are so apparently jealous of. I like Park Ave but I’m not whining I can’t live there

    4. grandmasterbeta says:

      Well said Jen!

    5. Rob G. says:

      That area can still be pretty dicey even though the 24th does their best to maintain control. Be careful out there, folks!

    6. robert says:

      I would ask we all try to be civil here and avoid going personal. That said there has been an increased of violence crimes in the upper end of the 24. While this has always been a problem area I.E. 108/109 streets, The Douglas Houses that front on Manhattan Ave.
      based on the latest numbers our precincts crime rate is up 9.33 over the past 2 years
      We need more aggressive policing returned to the area asap.
      FYI there is a meeting this coming Wed Oct 18 at 7pm, It is at the 24 precinct and is a public forum were the precinct command will be there. This happens in every precinct every month, in our precinct it is the third Wed of every month. All should attend.