Mom Speaks Out About ‘Hissing’ Raccoon’s Intrusion Into Her 8th Floor Apartment

Roxanna Sherwood was at work on Tuesday morning when she got this text.

Her eight-year-old son Rio’s babysitter Ana Perez had taken the photo, and Rio had written the text.

And there it was: a raccoon sitting on the windowsill of her son’s bedroom next to the plastic dinosaur and the old sled and the stuffed snake in their eighth floor apartment at 93rd Street and West End Avenue.

“Rio was getting ready for school at 8:20 a.m.,” she told us. “The sitter went in and out of Rio’s bedroom to get Rio’s clothes and the raccoon was hissing wildly at her each time. The raccoon remained in the room for a few hours after they went to school.  The super tried to get it out with a stick but it refused to leave. When I spoke to him after he tried, he said he called animal control.  Next thing I knew, I saw on the local news that it was actually the NYPD emergency services unit that showed up to get him out!”

We are trying to find out where the raccoon was released and are waiting on word from the police.

Please help us come up with a nickname for this intrepid creature in the comments!

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    1. Allison says:

      He was just cold and looking to take a nap! Leave him alone!

    2. Lynn Sien says:

      Intrepid is a good name!

    3. Paul says:

      If it’s a male, Rocky seems obvious (The Beatles).

      For a female, Lisa comes to mind (reference to “Oh, Hello” on Broadway, Nick Kroll & John Mulaney)

    4. Elaina says:

      Call him Westy since he ended up on WEA.

    5. M says:

      Please make sure this animal is not rabid.

    6. Roger Bilco says:

      Just call him the “Coon”

    7. Ellen says:

      name Rocky (Raccoon). Hissing was a message that Rocky, too, was scared…

    8. Kylee the Cattledog says:

      I bet this is the reincarnation of a loved one that wanted to say hello to the family. I would hate to get a hall pass from heaven to occupy a mortal body for the day only to be pushed out a window sill with a stick. Where’s the love?!?

    9. Rochelle says:

      Very unusual but raccoons do hiss when they are scared

    10. RUBY in Gotham says:


    11. Esther C. says:

      How about Hiss…tyerical?!

    12. JB says:

      I would like to point out that raccoons are nocturnal animals. There is a risk that when they are out and about during the day it may be a sign that they have rabies.

    13. Ira says:

      How about placng a screen in the window when open?

    14. tj says:

      Rocky burst in and grinning a grin
      He said Danny boy this is a showdown

    15. Sarah Holly says:

      Since he climbed all that way up to the 8th floor and they call rock climbers rock-jocks, I think Rocky is the appropriate name.

    16. Bruce bernstein says:


    17. Judith M Kass says:

      Intrepid, my foot! Racoons are dangerous. When the proper authority finds out who released this “hissing” animal they should be fined — and sent to bed without their supper!

    18. lin says:

      I like the name SNOOPY—-not creative but appropriate.

    19. Barbara Rockmore says:


    20. Barbara says:

      I hope he/she was tested for rabies before they released it. Doesn’t sound like it given the time frame. Not normal to see a hissing raccoon in daylight.

    21. Judith Mitchell says:

      “Roomie Raccoon” is what I’d name the little guy. Hope he’s ok!

    22. Ray von Dohren says:

      Obviously, it must be the Hissing Bandit.

    23. Jane Parsons-DeWitt says:

      Rocky Raccoon of course!

    24. GG says:

      Ok, someone has to say it. This kid’s grammar and punctuation are all over the place!:) Proper noun? NOT capitalized…regular noun…capitalized. Third person use of to be?? singular? I’m getting dizzy.

      Who want’s to bet me that Mom wrote this text to herself to make the story that much cuter. Awwwww….if it wasn’t digital there would probably be a backward “e” or a “6” instead of a letter, like the Little Rascals or something.:)

      Maybe not? What can I say, I’m jaded and skeptical.

    25. humane says:

      I truly hope they did the humane thing and relocated the raccoon and did not harm him/her.

    26. Glen says:

      Animal control in NYC is pretty sophisticated, they know what it means when a nocturnal animal is out and about during the daytime and acting in an unusual manner. I doubt the animal was “released.” Unless you mean “released” as in “from this vale of tears.”

    27. Lisa Shaw says:


    28. kschok says:

      “Mayor Bill” . . . he doesn’t seem to be getting much work done up there.

    29. Sandra Gleich says:

      Wild Bird Fund recently did a little post on raccoons and asked that any one seeing one let them know. I have seen two in Central Park.

    30. Rob G. says:


    31. Jane says:

      Rocky, of course!

    32. Old Judge says:

      Trash Panda.

    33. Mrs. Lovett says:


      “Them pussy cats is quick.”

    34. Svea says:

      I fear for Rocky’s life.

    35. Casandra says:

      Looks a little small compared with
      the ones I’ve seen. Might be a
      juvenile, who went exploring
      and found it could get up the building
      but didn’t know how to go down again.
      Like a cat up a tree.
      That would explain the scared
      behavior. But even a healthy
      juvenile could be dangerous.
      Especially if it is confused
      and feels threatened.
      Hope animal rescue got
      it home okay.

    36. Hilde McConville says:

      “Spider Room Raccoon”

    37. Loz Im Geist! says:

      Re: “the raccoon was hissing wildly at her each time.”

      WHAT?!?!? She never heard of a ‘Hissy-Fit’?

    38. pat says:

      I like the name “Silly” because he was found on the window sill.