This Weekend: Open House New York Event Offers Free Tours of Notable Buildings

Hostelling International on Amsterdam Avenue. Photo by Paul Lindberg.

Open House New York is a free annual event that opens the doors of various historical buildings to the public. There are tours throughout the city this Saturday and Sunday, including a few in and around the Upper West Side:

Barnard College

Cathedral of St. John the Divine

Hostelling International

Church of St. Paul & St. Andrew

West-Park Presbyterian Church

A tour of the Metropolitan Opera was only open to people with reservations and is already filled.

This site has a list of all the tours in the city.

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    1. Wendy says:

      Anyone from Barnard College @ 1932 ? Remember ‘the Jungle “? What happened to a Cage of Budgerigars in an office, near 123rd St., near Millbank Hall ? Does anyone sleep outside the enormous Doors of Cathedral….Divine, now ? Where’s the Rose Garden ? The day that Deacon[ess] I. Carter Heyward challenged Bishop Paul Moore to ordain a certain bunch of them to the priesthood, I remember. [vs. ‘priesthood of all believers”]. n.b. that memorial statue. How goes that soup kitchen; &, the shelter for guys ?