Popular Southern-style restaurant Jacob’s Pickles will reopen at 509 Amsterdam Avenue between 84th and 85th Street for dinner this Thursday, following a February fire that caused extensive damage. The interior has been revamped and the restaurant is adding some new menu items. It will eventually add a basement bar too.

And that’s not all. Jacob’s plans to add a new dumpling restaurant up the block at 513 Amsterdam Avenue sometime later this year. “The new place will feature a short menu of dumplings, like the shrimp pillow dumplings on the menu at Maison Pickle, and soft-serve for dessert,” Eater reported. It appears to be in a former computer store next to Alibaba, based on this listing.

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    1. Christine E says:

      Sounds like the new dumpling place wants to compete with Momofuku Milk Bar? In terms of asian fusion and soft serve ala cereal milk.

    2. Louise says:

      I’ll take dumplings however they want to give them to me! Yum!

    3. Longtime Upperwestsider says:

      Has Jacob’s Pickles dispersed the money it collected for the people who were burned out of their homes? I would like them to talk about their process and how the funds were distributed.