Olde Good Things is coming back to the Upper West Side, opening a new store at 2424 Broadway between 89th and 90th Streets, the former home of Jennifer Convertibles. Olde Good Things closed its Columbus Avenue store in 2014. “Nice to have that space filled…but it can’t possibly any less expensive than the space they had on Columbus,” notes Beth. Thanks to Mary Ellen and Beth for the tips.

Mexican restaurant Guacamole is opening this week at 768 Amsterdam Avenue at 98th Street, the former home of Chicojulio. There’s an outdoor area and a colorful bar. It will serve “authentic Mexican food,” according to owner Victor Hernandez.

California clothing boutique Johnny Was was expected to open on Wednesday. Thanks to David for the tip.

A new store called Floga is set to open at 224 Columbus Avenue between 70th and 71st, the former home of men’s boutique Sean. Floga will sell accessories, mostly from Greece, according to the Columbus Avenue BID.

Refresh Nail n Spa has opened at 250 West 78th Street. Thanks to Lauren for the tip.

Supertacos, the new restaurant on 96th Street and West End Avenue, was temporarily closed because of a leak, but was expected to reopen by Wednesday (yesterday). Pick-a-Bagel/La Salle Dumplings on 61st and West End and Schatzie the Butcher were temporarily closed for health violations last week, but have reopened.

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    1. Phoebe says:

      Look up Stewart Traill and then consider whether you want to support Olde Good Things.

    2. Marci says:

      I’m excited about Floga opening a shop. I discovered them at one of the Lincoln Center craft festivals. They’ have beautiful things.

    3. Gaia says:

      Any news on H-Mart?

    4. Mark Moore says:

      Has anyone tried SuperTacos yet? Seems like the truck is still on 96th Street most days, which is odd.

      • Eliza says:

        The brick and mortar SuperTaco is excellent! It’s a great family-run place. They are keeping the truck open for the foreseeable future.

    5. UWSChef says:

      I walked by Supertacos around 4:30 today (Thurs) and it was still closed. There was a sign mentioning the leak on the door.

    6. SheWrites says:

      Whoa. I hadn’t been made aware of Olde Good Things’ backstory until tonight. So glad about that, as I have been tempted to buy (but so glad I haven’t!). Thanks for the information.

    7. Chuck D says:

      Inside of Guacamole looks great! The sign, however, makes it look like a second-tier Chipotle.

      I hope the place makes it this time.

      • aw says:

        This will be the fourth restaurant to occupy that space since 2002, and it hasn’t been continually in use either. The first one was Argentine, and not too bad, followed by two Mexican in descending order of quality. I suspect both were owned by the same entity. I also suspect this is one of those oddly cursed restaurant spaces like 88th/Bway where the doctors are now.

    8. Boopsie says:

      Oh, goodie. Another overpriced women’s clothing boutique.

      The UWS can’t have too many of those, can it?

    9. Wendy says:

      There is already a store in Manhattan (Harlem) on W. 125th Street called Irreplaceable Artifacts, owned by Evan Blum, that sells this kind of stuff, but it’s salvaged mostly from NYC buildings. And he’s not involved with a cult 🙂 A poor use of that space on 90th and Broadway. More landlord price gouging so only well-funded entities can open up a retail operation. As these places find out they can’t do enough business to pay their rents, they close (Geox is the latest – closing notice posted). Then the stores sit empty for years while the next gullible retailer comes in. And the City Council can’t fine them or compel them to rent the stores out due to a Supreme Court decision about impeding a building owner’s right to make money (or something like that). Super frustrating.

    10. Sarah says:

      Any update on the old Toast spot at 105th/Bway that was supposed to now be a Serafinas?

    11. Mel Stone says:

      Won’t be supporting this place. Wouldn’t surprise me if there are ties to the jerk in office.